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The network collection of self-identified incel communities, vlogs and blogs where [[incelospherian]]s and [[cybercel]]s gather is called the '''incelosphere'''. It is mostly confined to forums and Youtube. [[Abtreffer]]s are arguably the most sophisticated community in the incelosphere. Among the most distinctive aspects of the incelosphere is the sheer amount of protologists and neologists who coin new words. The mere existence of the incelosphere has helped a lot of [[truecel|truecels]] overcome their depression, purely out of the knowledge that they're not alone, and that there are other truecels out there like themselves. There are scores, or perhaps even hundreds of vlogging channels, websites, and forums in the incelosphere.
This article discusses both the history of online spaces frequented by [[incel]]s as well as forms of media that imbricate on this phenomenon.


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