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The network of online communities, vlogs and blogs where [[incelospherian]]s and [[cybercel]]s gather called the '''incelosphere''', and is mostly confined to forums and Youtube. [[Abtreffer]]s are arguably the most sophisticated community in the incelosphere. Among the most distinctive aspects of the incelosphere is the sheer amount of protologists and neologists who coin new words. The mere existence of the incelosphere has helped a lot of [[truecel|truecels]] overcome their depression, purely out of the knowledge that they're not alone, and that there are other truecels out there like themselves. There Incels are scores, or perhaps even hundreds of vlogging channels, websites, and forums in the incelosphere. This article discusses both the history of online spaces frequented by [[incel]]s as well as forms of media that imbricate on this phenomenon. ==History=====Background=== The term 'involuntarily celibate' had been used in literature prior to the internet, and sometimes, but rarely used in a semi-academic way. It wouldn't be until the internet era that the term entered academia. Prior to the internet, the term, "involuntary celibate", was used in literature, including but not limited to, ''[[Antoine Banier|The Mythology and Fables of the Ancients, Explain'd from History, Volume 3]]'' in 1739, ''The Doctrine and Law of Marriage, Adultery and Divorce'', 1826, by Hector Davies Morgan, M.A, Volume Six of the British satirical magazine ''Punch'' in 1844, ''Family Herald Magazine'' in 1876, ''The Population Question According to T. R. Malthus and J. S. Mill'' by Charles Robert Drysdale in 1892, ''Virginia'' by Ellen Glasgow in 1913, ''The Building'' by Peter Martin in 1960, in detail in ''[[Blueprint for a Higher Civilization]]'' by [[Henry Flynt]] in 1975, ''Law and Liberation'' by Robert E. Rhodes in 1986, ''Criminal Tendencies'' by William O'Rourke in 1987, ''Human Sexuality: the search for understanding'' by David Knox in 1984, and ''Understanding Sexuality'' by Adelaide Haas and Kurt Haas in 1990. While never directly using the verbatim terms, "involuntarily celibate" or "incel," famous French author [[Michel Houellebecq]] has written about the topic vicariously through his many fictional works about [[involuntarily celibate]] and layless men. Famous English novelist and non-fiction writer George Orwell also briefly touched upon [[involuntarily celibate]] (without explicitly using the term) tramps in his book about the lives of the underclass, Down and Out in Paris and London, in 1933. Some notable pre-internet people who were arguably incelibates include [[Ludwig van Beethoven]] who suffered serial rejection at the hands of women, [[Emily Dickinson]] who suffered from agoraphobia, [[Joseph Merrick]] aka the Elephant Man who suffered from severe face and body deformities, artist [[Van Gogh]] who was perpetually rejected and eventually pursued a [[relationship]] with a hooker, [[Van Gogh]]'s famous painter [[manlet]] friend [[Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec]] was severely mocked for being a [[manlet]] and eventually just chose to live in the brothel he frequented, [[Friedrich Nietzsche]] who was famously rebuffed by every woman he approached and was alleged to have died from syphilis contracted from a hooker,<ref></ref>[[G. H. Hardy]] a famous mathematician who couldn't bear looking at himself in the mirror and never held steady [[relationship]]s with women, bisexual actor [[Anthony Perkins]] who for most of his life had a pathological fear of women remaining a virgin (at least to women) at age 39, [[Ed Gein]] who Perkins had played in the movie Psycho was terrified of human contact and probably died a virgin, and English recording artist [[Nick Drake]] who suffered from extreme shyness of women<ref></ref> and in all likelihood died a virgin (according to most analyses). Famous folk-pop singer and pianist [[Daniel Johnston]] was also a well-known incelibate. He was diagnosed with severe schizophrenia, and his songs detail his life in and out of mental hospitals, and debilitating unrequited love for various women. He may be the only famous modern pop musician to be an incelibate. ===1980s=== Professor of psychology [[Brian Gilmartin]] published a book called ''[[Shyness and Love|Shyness & Love: Causes, Consequences, and Treatment]]'' in 1987, arguing for [[inceldom]] to be treated as a medical condition and for society to take it more seriously. At that time, Gilmartin's term for [[inceldom]] was, ''[[love-shy|love-shyness]]'' but before his death he used the terms, "incel" and "[[love-shy]]" interchangeably as can be seen in a recovered clip from the abandoned [[The Incel Project]] documentary.<ref></ref> ===1990s=== At the arrival of the 1990s, the only platform in the incelosphere was the [[]] newsgroup which was created two years prior in 1988{{citation needed}}.  The founder of the particular strain of seduction techniques that we know today as modern [[MPUA|pick-up-artistry]] was [[Ross Jeffries]]. He published "How to Get the Women You Desire Into Bed" in 1992, which argued against [[nice guy]] behavior. The [[]] Usenet newsgroup was founded by Lewis De Payne, a student of [[Ross Jeffries]] in 1994. In the same year, [[Michel Houellebecq]] published his first novel, "[[Whatever]]", which frankly discussed sexual stratification and pauperization.  In 1992 the [[Netherland Government's Model for Combatting Inceldom|Netherland government decided to fully reimburse disabled citizens for legal visits to hookers]], effectively making sex a human right in the Netherlands Although the term "incel" did exist in the late-90s, the most common term in the incelosphere used to refer to [[involuntarily celibate]] people in the 90s was, "socially anxious men," on the [[]] Usenet Group and "AFC" meaning "average frustrated chump" on the [[]] (ASF) Usenet newsgroup. [[Alana's Involuntary Celibacy Project]] abbreviated the word [[incel]] in 1997 which was initially coined by [[Antoine Banier]] which eventually cultivated into academic research on incels. This research was published and is colloquially known as the [[Donnelly Study]] referring to its main sociologist [[Denise Donnelly]]. The terms "incel" and involuntary celibate" subsequently became valid sociological terms. A mailing list (forum) was created on the Project's site in 1997, the first official incel forum. In 1998, members of [[]] were invited, helping to populate the mailing list. Alana's mailing list was a [[feminist]] forum, and Alana had created the first incel forum as a lesbian with [[dating]] experience. Alana stopped maintaining the forum around 2003.  A year after [[Alana|Alana's first incel forum]], in 1998, the first online German incel community, [[Parsimonyforum 3708]] of the [[Absolute Beginners]], was established.<ref>,15700022,15700124,15700149,15700186,15700190,15700201,15700214&usg=ALkJrhhzVfHdI_o1SzzjjtagKVbEFA_C7w</ref> In 1999, Laurence Fishburne whilst starring as Morpheus in the film The Matrix, narrates the line "You take the [[blue pill]], the story ends here, you wake up and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the [[red pill]] ... and I'll show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes." This quote subsequently becomes eulogized with "[[blue pill]]" and "[[red pill]]" eventually becoming eponyms for entire philosophies in the incelosphere as well as adjacent communities. ===2000s===In 2000, [[Beate Küpper]], wrote a psychology dissertation called, "[[Sind Singles anders als die anderen? : ein Vergleich von Singles und Paaren|Are singles different from the others?: a comparison of singles and couples]]", exploring the causes of, "involuntary singles", as opposed to, "voluntary singles".<ref></ref> In 2002, she later publishes the book called, "[[:Sind Singles anders? (2002). Ein Vergleich von Singles und Paaren Reihe: Brennpunkte der Persönlichkeitsforschung|Are singles different? A Comparison of Singles and Couples Series: Focal Points of Personality.]]<ref></ref> In 2000, a charity for [[disabledcel]]s is launched called [[TLC Trust]] along with a website. The Yahoo [[support group]] [[/groups/loveshy-drgilmartin]] was created in 2002. In 2003, [[Love-shy dot com|]] started as an anonymous board before it switched to non-anonymous a couple years later. In 2004, the first-ever female-centric community of the incelosphere was created on Yahoo with [[/groups/loveshy-women]]. The Japanese inspired image-board [[4chan]] also started this year as an anonymous community. In 2004, Alana's former community moved to a new forum called [[Incelsite]], and it was then rebranded to [[IncelSupport]] in 2006 and hopped across at least three different domain names. In 2004, Tectum Verlag, a German scientific book publisher publishes [[Olaf Wickenhöfer|Olaf Wickenhöfer's]] study of, "involuntary single[s]", called, "[[Unfreiwillig Single: Eine Studie zur Sozialisationsgeschichte und kulturellen Alltagspraxis]]", citing [[Denise Donnelly]], [[Brian Gilmartin]], and [[Beate Küpper|Beate Küpper]], as well as his own study.<ref></ref> In 2006, [[Arne Hoffmann]] publishes a book called, [[Unberührt|"Untouched", or, "Unberührt"]], chronicling the stories of 11 incels, as well as reviewing the available literature on the subject and publishing new essays on the subject of inceldom.<ref></ref> In 2006, the Japanese Marxist [[incelospherian]] group [[Kakuhido]] emerged, doing public protests of Christmas, Valentine's Day, and White Day all that same year. In 2007, the first website of the [[French incelosphere]] is founded, [[]], which is entirely in the French language. In 2008, 4chan's [[r9k]] board appeared, a [[hikikomori]] board that never self-identified as incel, but male hikikomoris are generally involuntarily celibate. Since 2008, [[r9k]] defined most of what media as of 2018 refers to as "incel subculture." Also, in 2008, the first clip of the unreleased US incel [[documentary]] [[The Incel Project]] was uploaded to The developing [[documentary]] seemed to have stalled sometime between 2012-2014. In the same year, the vlogging community of the [[True Forced Loneliness]] 'movement' started, a space adjacent to incel boards that initially consisted of three vloggers and a website complaining about [[dating]] from a societal perspective. In 2009, [[Love-shy dot com|]] came under the adminship of an extremely anti-feminist admin for a couple years. This is the same year that the [[PSL]] boards started, a sequential group of raucous forums that happened to contain a lot of involuntary celibates. [[r/ugly]] is a [[semi-incelospherian]] subreddit that was created in March 2009. The website [[]] was also created in 2009. The same year, the website [[]] was created. ===2010s===In 2011, the subreddit [[foreveralone|r/foreveralone]] was founded, which would go on to become one of the largest and most feminist spaces of the incelosphere. In 2013, [[IncelSupport]] crashed, and all forum posts were lost in the process. In 2014, [[Robin Sprenger]] published academic literature on [[inceldom]] called, "[[Männliche Absolute Beginner: Ein Kommunikationswissenschaftlicher Ansatz zur Erklärung von Partnerlosigkeit|Male Absolute Beginner: A Communication Science Approach to Explaining Partnerlessness]]", which is self-explanatory. It was published by Springer VS. In 2014 a reiteration of [[IncelSupport]] was attempted, but was quickly abandoned due to lack of interest. [[Wizchan]] began in 2014. Also in 2014, the [[PSL]] boards now all contained 'rate me' subforums, thus further ingraining [[blackpill]]ed concepts such as [[lookism]] in the incelosphere. During 2014-2015, the incel presence on Reddit began, mostly through [[Caamib]] from [[Love-shy dot com|]], starting with the extremely [[anti-feminist]] subreddits: r/truecels and r/incels. The emergence of [[anti-incel]] forums like [[inceltears]] and [[leftbook]] tag groups began the start of the [[Battle of Incelistan]]. In 2017 the Facebook group [[Incelistan]] began but not as a response to the similarly titled [[Battle of Incelistan]], but more as a response to [[anti-incel]] [[leftbook]] tag groups. Almost all the members of [[Incelistan]] came from the Facebook group [[Ancapistan]] and not any subreddit or established incel forum. In November 2017 r/incels and r/truecels were banned, with some in those subreddits moving to the new sites [[]] and [[]].  In 2017, the Netherland government got rid of it's [[Netherland Government's Model for Combatting Inceldom|25-year policy that made sex a human right in the Netherlands]], no longer providing reimbursements to disabled people seeking legal hookers. In November 2017, [[reddit]] shut down the subreddit /r/incels, and a user from it, [[SergeantIncel]], created the forum which is currently known as [[]]. was shut down in 2018, due to efforts by [[Babe Magazine]]. In early 2018, [[Alana]] decided to rebrand her abandoned research project to "Love not Anger," while claiming that the term "incel" has acquired negative connotations. Although the website is no longer operational, there nevertheless are many sporadic blogs and vlogs wherein content creators self-identify as [[TFL|TFLers]]. In 2018, [[Braincels]] was quarantined from Reddit on the basis of misogyny. In early 2019, [[]] was created as a response to technical downtime for [[Facebook's Incelistan]]. In 2019, the largest [[anti-incel]] group: Found the Incel, was banned from the internet by [[Facebook]] for violent speech after an outing of sample posts on Youtube by [[William]] and courageous flagging by [[Master]] and others.<ref></ref><ref></ref><ref></ref><ref></ref><ref></ref> That year, the Washington Post and other outlets released articles detailing how [[demographics of inceldom|rates of celibacy]] among men between ages 18-30 was approaching 30% per year (an all time high), validating the intuition of many incel forums, and ending some of the [[gaslighting]] directed at incels<ref></ref>. This became one of the largest topics of discussion across the entire incelosphere. In mid-2019 [[]] took down their FAQ page on incels in a distancing attempt while also allowing their most extreme incels to stay on the site. Also, the same year a podcast devoted to incel topics by a non-incel was started called [[The Incel Project (Podcast)]], which has absolutely no association with the previous [[The Incel Project (Documentary)]]. On September 31st 2019, Reddit's "Braincels", one of the most popular and well-known incel forums was banned due to new rules being made by [[Reddit]] on the spot. Braincels was given no notice. Users moved to [[]], [[]], [[incelswithouthate]],,, or simply stopped using incel forums. Smaller forums went into high gear to attract Braincels users, however no mass exodus happened, leaving some wondering how many real users were on Braincels in the first place. ==Concurrent incel forums==After the great [[Battle of Incelistan]], the current least-niche forums are:  *[[]] (tens of thousands, public, [[Xenforo]])*[[Love-shy dot com|]] (dozens, private, [[phpBB]])*[[Facebook's Incelistan]] (thousands, private)*[[]] (hundreds, public, [[Discourse]])*[[Incelswithouthate|]], (thousands, public)*[[Foreveralone|]] (thousands, public)*[[]] (dozens, public, [[phpBB]])*[[]] (hundreds, public, [[phpBB]])*[[]] (dozens, public, Forumfree)*[[]] (dozens, public, Saidit) ^estimated active membership (not total membership) in parentheses ==Incel forums by category== There are many subsets of the incelosphere. Estimated active membership in parentheses. These subsets include:*'''Non-English''' (collectively, thousands of active users): Some of these include the **'''[[French incelosphere|French]]''': [[]]**'''[[German incelosphere|German]]''': [[Absolute Beginners]] forums**'''[[Italian incelosphere|Italian]]''': [[]], [[Forum of Ugly]], [[An Ugly Forum]], [[The incel forum]]**'''[[:Category:Japanese Incelosphere|Japanese]]''': [[Kakuhido]] and [[Men Without Motivation]]**'''Taiwanese''': [[Sow Believers]] from**'''UK''': [[ForeverAloneLondon]]*'''Female''': In the incelosphere, there are several female-oriented communities, these inclue: [[/r/ForeverAloneWomen]]. [[/r/trufemcels]] and many other femcel subreddits seemed to begin mostly as an [[astroturfing]] project by male incels, although they may be populated with more actual women nowadays. (thousands)*'''Political parties''': [[Incel Party|]] is the first political party devoted to inceldom (no members atm)*'''Middle-aged''': [[FA30plus]] is a community dedicated to incelibates who are a bit older. (dozens)*'''Teens''': The subreddit [[Foreveraloneteens]] is geared toward teens. (less than 10, public)*'''Q&A''': [[askanincel]] is a forum that mostly follows the Q&A format (dozens, public)*'''Mancel, blackpill''': [[]], (collectively, tens bunch of thousands, public)*'''Low-tier normies''': [[R/Failed normies]] is for normies who go through inceldom (less than 100)*'''Specific affliction''': Some boards focus on a very specific affliction, such as [[r/shortcels]] which focuses on short incels (less than 100)*'''Private''': The subreddit [[ForeverUnwanted]] is closed to new membersmisogynistic fuckwits. (unknown, private)*'''LGBT''': [[R/gaycel]], [[LGBTForeverAlone]] and [[R/TransgenderIncels]] are forums used by [[truecel]]s, incels and [[nearcel]]s who are [[LGBT]]. (collectively, hundreds)*'''Improvement''': [[]], [[FAImprovement|r/FAImprovement]] (collectively, thousands)*'''Love-shy''': [[Love-shy dot com|]]*'''Purplepill/non-ideological''': [[]], [[Facebook's Incelistan]], [[incelswithouthate]] (collectively, thousands)*'''Sexual-racism / ethnicels''': [[r/JustBeWhite]], [[r/melanincels]], [[R/HAPAS]] (thousands)*'''Feminist''': [[Foreveralone]] (thousands)*'''Deincelization''': [[ForeverAloneDating|r/ForeverAloneDating]], [[HappierAbroad]]*'''Posers''': [[wizchan]] has been advertised by the press as an incel board, and while they've had an influence years ago, most of the users of that site now are culture warriors who generally dislike the incel label. Wizchan has a word filter that filters 'incel' to '[[crabs (pejorative)|crabs]]'. [[]] is mainly a board dedicated to [[troll]]ing incels, and so is not much of a genuine incel board. Same with [[PSL|Redpilltalk, previously known as sluthate.]]*'''Subforums''': [[virginity frustration subforum|Social Anxiety Support's virginity frustration subforum]], is an incel subforum that is a part of the larger [[Social Anxiety Support]] forum. (less than 100, private)*'''[[Hikikomori]]''': [[r9k]], although [[r9k]] also has a lot of [[astroturfing]] and [[noncel]] [[anti-incel]]s, without a policy to ban those people, and never self-identified as incel (tens of thousands)*'''Selfies''': [[Incelselfies]] is a place to post selfies as an incel and have people give feedback (dozens) ==See Also==*[[Black Incelosphere]]*[[TFL]]*[[Incel community]]*[[Incel movement]]*[[Template:Incel Vloggers|List of Incel Vloggers]]*[[Template:Incel Forums|List of Incel Forums]] ==References==<references />{{Manosphere}}{{Defunct Incel Forums}}{{Incel Vloggers}}{{Incel Forums}}[[category:Incelosphere]]{{B}}
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