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On September 31st 2019, Reddit's "Braincels", one of the most popular and well-known incel forums was banned due to new rules being made by [[Reddit]] on the spot. Braincels was given no notice. Users moved to [[]], [[]], [[incelswithouthate]],,, or simply stopped using incel forums. Smaller forums went into high gear to attract Braincels users, however no mass exodus happened, leaving some wondering how many real users were on Braincels in the first place.
==Concurrentincel forums==
After the great [[Battle of Incelistan]], the current least-niche forums are:
^estimated active membership (not total membership) in parentheses
==By CategoryIncel forums by category==
There are many subsets of the incelosphere. Estimated active membership in parentheses. These subsets include:

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