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*'''Deincelization''': [[ForeverAloneDating|r/ForeverAloneDating]], [[DATEaINCEL]] (n/a)
*'''Posers''': [[wizchan]] has been advertised by the press as an incel board, and while they've had an influence years ago, most of the users of that site now are culture warriors who generally dislike the incel label. Wizchan has a word filter that filters 'incel' to '[[crabs (pejorative)|crabs]]'. [[]] is mainly a board dedicated to [[troll]]ing incels, and so is not much of a genuine incel board. Same with [[PSL|Redpilltalk, previously known as sluthate.]]
*'''Matchmaking or sex tourism for incels''': [[HappierAbroad]]
*'''Subforums''': [[virginity frustration subforum|Social Anxiety Support's virginity frustration subforum]], is an incel subforum that is a part of the larger [[Social Anxiety Support]] forum. (less than 100, private)
*'''[[Hikikomori]]''': [[r9k]], although [[r9k]] also has a lot of [[astroturfing]] and [[noncel]] [[anti-incel]]s, without a policy to ban those people, and never self-identified as incel (tens of thousands)

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