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The Southern Poverty Law Center is a group that provides free advertisement and platform to the alt-right among other organizations and every year seems to increase its number of ideological enemies.

The group has inspired domestic terrorism such as when a gunman raided the family research council because he got the impression that they were anti-gay frim the SPLC.

The group later lost a high profile lawsuit for saying a Muslim moderate was a radical.

As of 2019, it is currently embroiled in controversy for allegations of internal harassment leading to the resignation of the co-founder and leader as well as Twitter severing ties with them.

Alexandria Brown, Rachel Janik, and Augustus Invictus[edit | edit source]

In 2018, a member of the Incelistan forum named Alexandria Brown came out with a book detailing her drug-fueled romance with a Neo-Nazi former Libertarian Party member in Florida named Augustus Invictus who got in the news for claiming to kill a goat and drink its blood. Augustus broke up with Alexandria, who then proceeded to reach out to the SPLC to figure out how to proceed with alleged harassment from Neo-Nazis. Among the people working at the SPLC was Rachel Janik, who at some point video interviewed Augustus, dug very far into his personal life by interviewing people closest to him and came out with a tabloidey but entertaining article about him for the SPLC[1], which Augustus had problems with [2]

SPLC virgin-shaming[edit | edit source]

That same year, the same Rachel from above wrote a piece on incels, which admins and editors on Wikipedia and Mother Jones use as a justification for the claim that all incel forums are a designated SPLC hate group under the list of SPLCs hate groups. Which is a false claim, no collection of incel forums or individual forum was listed as a hate group in 2018 under the SPLCs official list of hate groups. William emailed Rachel Janik asking for clarification.

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