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What women mean by "settling down".

When one searches "settling down" on Google, one will get articles on "advice" for settling down and what to consider before choosing to settle. A vast majority of these articles are written by women. The vast majority of the comments in these articles are made by women too. This shows how common the word "settling down" is used by women. The underlying premise is that women are sluts before they decide to settle down.

Here is a typical comment by a female on her views on monogamy:[1]

Seriously, though, most of these guys would consider me a slut not just because I'm a woman, but also because I don't do the whole monogamy thing. And I'm happy that way, I don't feel horrible or anything. I've met some really awesome people, I've gone out with really awesome people. I'm not ready to settle down yet, but I've had crushes, and friends who I've been attracted to. That being said, I do tell the guy or girl that I'm with that I'm not monogamous, and most of the people I've been with are more relieved than anything else. I think more and more people around my age are in the same boat is me, and the sluthate people aren't gonna like it.

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