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The following is a poem by incels.co user Uninstall

Death - Our Only Friend In Life[edit | edit source]

"Death, the consolation prize.

Death, the motor of life.

Death, the great equalizer.

Death, the knowledge that separates you from animals.

Death, the only thing in life they can't steal from you.

Death, the savior.

Death, the realest embrace.

Death, the hope.

Death, the tears united in a smile.

Death, our only friend.

I advise all you, fellas, to do the best you can in life.

To live a life TRUE to oneself.

They will want to break you.

They will lie to you.

They will steal from you.

But you should fight.

Don't be afraid.

If you are here, you are already dead anyway.

So you might just as well, make the best of it.

And yes, some have it better than others, but you have it better than somebody else too...

You owe it to yourself to at least try to live..."


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