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The following is a poem by braincels user Stoic Stranger

[edit | edit source]

"I sit in my room alone

With hatred in my heart

Waiting for someone to help me

For anything to start

I’m told that I am useless

Powerless and weak

Control out of my hands

All of a sudden meek

Nothing is my fault

It’s my illness that’s to blame

At times I’ve lost my way

At times I’ve lost my name

What if they’re all wrong?

And I deserve this shame

The horrors were my doing

Maybe I’m the one to blame

But it’s hard to draw the line

What are my limitations?

Maybe I’m just lazy

Maybe it’s my medications

They take away my soul

My goals and motivations

I’ve lost what made me special

My dreams and aspirations

Maybe it’s the fact

That I’ve lost my will to live

Maybe, maybe, maybe

Is that all I have to give?

I live in a world you can’t imagine

I’ve seen things that haunt my dreams

I’ve heard demons whisper schemes

In silence I hear screams

It’s hard to see in darkness

I cannot find my way

When lost in a different world

I find it hard to stay"

—Stoic Stranger

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