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The following is a poem by incels.co user Allblueeeee

It is meant to be set to this music

[edit | edit source]

"He's had a tough childhood.

He didn't have any friends. The people he loved always seemed to leave him. His parents never paid much attention. The teachers would make him uncomfortable. The children would poke fun.

He's had enough.

Everything seemed pointless.

Going on each and every day was getting more difficult.

His demons would not leave him.

The boy walked through the empty streets. Everyone was gone, they've left him.

The cold winds played a melody in his ears.

Leaves were floating around in the air, until they started to circle around him.

The melody grew stronger and stronger.

Autumn would then take care of the boy.

Fall was his only family. Fall was his only teacher.

Fall.. was his only friend."


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