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Paul Joseph Watson is a writer for InfoWars.

In 2 August 2019 he wrote an article which included a misrepresentation of Elliot Rodger's victims:

Some adherents have turned to violence in recent years, including 22-year-old Elliot Rodger, who shot and killed six women in Isla Vista in May 2014 in “retribution” for being rejected by females.

As the Wikipedia overview of his victims clarifies, about the only aspect that Watson got correct about this was that Rodger is understood to have caused the death of six PEOPLE. Only half the deaths were by gunshot, and only two of the deaths were women.

The deaths by stabbing (Cheng/Hong/Wang) were all male, while the gunshot deaths were 1 male (Christopher Ross Michals-Martinez) and 2 female (Cooper and Weiss).

There were 14 other survivors injured by Rodger, half by gunfire and half by vehicular impact:

  • Gunfire victims were 3 female (Carloto/Kock/Maples) and 4 male (Cherchian/Hoang/Smith/Zaglin)
  • Vehicle victims were 0 females and 7 male (Cheung/Eggert/Fu/Garcia/Gee/Lyubarsky/Pasichuke)

Rodger only shot 5 women (2 died, 3 survived) and there were no other female victims, so it is unclear how Watson concocted this misleading statistic. The most apparent explanation is that he got 'six' from the number of people who died, and he wrongly assumed two things:

  • (1) that all these deaths were from gunshots
  • (2) that all these deaths were women

Rodger also shot 5 men (1 died, 4 survived) and Watson's writeup did not mention this parity at all. When combined with the additional TEN male victims (3 deaths from stabbing, 7 survivors of vehicular trauma) the total ratio is 15 male victims to 5 female victims, a 3:1 ratio of moids to foids. This makes the way reporters such as Watson emphasize (and over-count) female victims quite strange.

If Watson has been made subsequently aware of his mistake and published a retraction, that information can be added to this article below.