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PancakesRogers seems to be the admin of, an attempt at a Braincels clone. He is white and right-wing, and has a history on other forums.

In his late teens, Pancakes told a half-lie to his parents that he was suicidal and that that was why he couldn't finish college. His parents responded by more-or-less forcing him to take psychiatric drugs. Pancakes then learnt to cope only through drugs through this process, culminating in an overdose as well as a decade long addiction to heroin.

Pancakes was always shy with women and always saw himself as ugly. The only woman to ever date him, said she did it to "see if he was a threat to his local school system", and then proceeded to make fun of his acne scarring to an online forum of feminists.

Despite all this doom-and-gloom, pancakes get free tendies and housing and mild financial support from his Mom. His Dad, who seems to have Narcissistic Personality Disorder, tried to force him into a group home by lying to a therapist about him seeing hookers as well as a few other things when Pancakes was going through a rough time.

Pancakes currently is lost in life, but he does think that incels have most things right, and so he spends his time with them.

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