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Outrage culture is a form of witch hunt, similar in nature, although not quite like Cancel culture, that consists of either sending a hate mob/lynch mob against someone, in order to make them disable all access to their social accounts, or worse, make them commit suicide.

In general, those hate mobs are easily caused by saying or doing something very controversial or stupid which will make a lot of people infuriated. Otherwise, it is likely caused by a smear about someone spread across the internet.

Fun fact, it is heavily associated with drama culture.

Victims of outrage culture[edit | edit source]

/!\This list does not include trolls who are using outrage culture as a means for attention, they're not victims of it./!\

Anne Georgulas is a Pediatrician who has been the victim of an outrage mob caused by her husband who refuses to accept his child as Transgender and who made sure to fabricate evidence to back up his lies to the press to make his wife a boogeyman.

In the past few months, the Pediatrician received a lot of negative reviews by the lynch mob, in order to get "cancelled" and have no more customers whatsoever.Joey Salads is a questionable Youtuber who makes prank videos. He found himself receiving a lot of hate comments after people like Leafyishere and Keemstar made videos on him. Shane Dawson and several other people were the victims of outrage culture due to a troll known as Jovanmhill, after said troll defamed all of them, one by one, they started receiving plenty of hate.

Perpetrators of Outrage Culture[edit | edit source]

Drama Alert, owned by Keemstar, is a Youtube that talks about gossips and drama. This channel is behind the defamation of several Youtubers like Bashurverse and the Twitch streamer that was accused of being a Pedophile. Keemstar and his news channel are used mostly to destroy the careers of people he does not like.

Twitter user Jovanmhill could have been a perpetrator of outrage culture if he did not get banned from Twitter.

More notes[edit | edit source]

Matt Watson was victim of an outrage mob as well, but he brought it upon himself by causing Youtube to get more censorious. Therefore, he does not appear on the listing above.

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