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The "List of 4" refers to a list containing failed excuses that normies use to try to prove that ugly/short/neurodivergent men are extremely sexually active. This behavior is purposely, and sometimes unwittingly used as a gaslighting tactic.

This list tends to come up often when normies give examples of such men who are in relationships. The normies in question failing to realize that their use of the apex fallacy doesn't describe the majority of men, least of all reject males. The men normally provided as examples almost always fall into one or more of the List of 4.

The list goes as follows:

  1. Rich/Wealthy
  2. Famous/statusmaxxed
  3. Old (different generation, different societal landscape. Many were also decent looking when younger)
  4. Not ugly anyway

Most adult men of dating age (18-30/40) are not represented by this list aside from item 4. Normies often fallaciously believe that showing incels examples of rich, famous men born in the 1940's is somehow proof that anyone can make it. However counting on becoming part of the 0.1% is unrealistic. Bluepilled, just-world reasoning often leads to such illogical conclusions. Normies should be reminded that their inability to produce consistent examples of men who don't fit these categories, shows the rarity of such an outcome.

It should be kept in mind that item 4 is noteworthy when the person providing evidence of an "ugly" guy, is a woman. Since women rate the majority of men as unattractive, the examples given by women are typically 6-7/10 men i.e. above average men that they consider to be ugly.