John Hinckley, Jr.

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John Hinckley, Jr. is a man who famously attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan to impress the actress Jodie Foster. He was considered a black sheep in his 'high achieving' family and was obsessed with the film Taxi Driver, which portrays a character that is essentially an incel.[1]

He exhibits several love shy-esque traits like a fondness for romantic music,[2] and apparently found a girlfriend while he was institutionalized, in yet another example of hybristophilia.[3] Many of the women he befriended were claimed to be 'psychotic'.[4]

He was released in 2016 and all restrictions on his freedom were lifted in 2022.[5] Some have attempted to depict him as a prototypical incel mass shooter due to his shyness and lack of sexual success prior to committing the crime that rendered him infamous.[6]

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