Jaded date theory

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The jaded date theory is hypothesized by wiki editor and incels.co user "jet112"

Hypothesis[edit | edit source]

The hypothesis suggests that woman put high emphasis on trust and validation. This can be observed from their relatively small and consistent social circles. This theory conflicts with certain notion's. For example, that woman are more social than men, or more inclined to communicate. woman indeed communicate more, but with less people.

Trust factor[edit | edit source]

The cornerstone of this theory relies on understanding how women communicate. Keeping a small social circle is not anti-social. However, showing very minor interest in meeting new people is fascinating. Women appear to need copious amounts of affirmation to enable third party communication. In order for them to communicate with a new person, they need to make sure that the person whom they communicate with is(for example): mentally stable, have an appropriate dress code (washed, smells ok), and a welcoming tone. Therefore, woman need a high trust factor before any communication is made, which in turn only enables very small social circles for very long periods of time.