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Fat Link (also called Fat Cuck) is an admin at incels.is, he took over moderating incels.is in late 2021 ,he was desysoped some time later but was reinstated as an admin in October 2023.

He is considered to be the most controversial admin in the forum's history, he is known to be a sexhaver. He is also ridiculed by the users for flirting with every foid account that joins the forum. Some users claim that he masturbates to tranny porn and has been sodomized by them. [1]

He is currently in relationship with selkie , an autistic attention whore. Selkie is a prolific ban evader and has been allowed on the forum multiple times by fat cuck. [2]

Selkie[edit | edit source]

Selkie is a self described femcel and has been known to infiltrate the forum aided by fat cuck. [3] He personally changed the username of a user (FemoidsGTFO) when requested by selkie on discord as FemoidsGTFO was instrumental in detecting her sockpuppet accounts.[4] Fat cuck posted long paragraphs defending her when confronted.[5]

Defending sex havers[edit | edit source]

In May 2024,Made In Heaven, a rabid race baiting turkroach kanger was outed as a sex having normie that was already engaged to a foid. Fat_link hardbanned multiple users(shrewed and lonelysince2006) who tried to confront him.

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