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Female morality is a particular system of values and principles of conduct, most women adhere too. Most women are chaotic in temperament. They follow their consciences, resent being told what to do, favor new ideas over tradition, and do what they promise only if they feel like it. They value freedom, adaptability, and flexibility. The majority of women are neither good people nor are they evil people, they are neutral. Meaning most women have a neutral disposition toward authority and feel neither a compulsion to obey nor a compulsion to rebel. They can be honest at times and they can be deceitful at times. Thus,

Most women have a chaotically neutral morality[edit | edit source]

The majority of women follow their whims. They are individualists first and last. They value their own liberty but don't strive to protect others' freedom. They avoid authority, resent restrictions, and challenge traditions.

Most women believe that there is no order to anything, including their own actions. With this as a guiding principle, they tend to follow whatever whim strikes them at the moment. Good and evil are irrelevant when making a decision. Therefore, most women are extremely difficult to deal with. They are almost totally unreliable. In fact, the only reliable thing about them is that they cannot be relied upon!

Most women like to indulge in everything, seeking nothing more than self-gratification. They will at least consider doing anything if they can find enjoyment or amusement. Life has meaning, but they believe theirs has the greatest meaning.

The majority of women can also be completely random and unpredictable. They may shift allegiances at a moment's notice, or remain with a leader for years. They feel that there is no plan at all for the universe. Things just happen. They don't care what happens to others, yet will not necessarily go out of their way to harm others. If someone stands in the way of their happiness, they may harm that individual's reputation or move on to something else. Their priorities tend to change as they experience new things in life. They may even appear to adhere to another alignment for some length of time, only to switch at an inappropriate moment. They can be the worst tricksters, conning people, not for gain, but for sheer amusement. Most women are not driven by fame or wealth, and only take actions just to see what happens.

The majority of women see ultimate freedom and disorder as most desirable and will not hesitate to use intimidation and non-lethal violence to achieve their goals. They view any wealth acquirement not as "greedy" but as "self-fulfillment." Thus, respect for others does not stand in the way of their pursuit of individuality.

Most women will only keep their word if it serves their interests. They may attack a man's reputation if they feel it necessary. They have no qualms about ruining an innocent man. Most women would betray a family member, comrade, or friend, if that is what the situation calls for. They do not respect the concepts of self-discipline and honor, because they believe such concepts limit freedom to advance their self-interest.

Most women can be described as: unreliable, independent, greedy, inconsistent, unpredictable, selfish, disorderly, anarchic, self-centered, confusing, unfettered, free, and individualistic.

The ten normal female commandments[edit | edit source]

A list of Ten Commandments for a religion led by normal females would look like this:

1. You shall lie to promote your freedom.

2. You shall not kill the innocent.

3. You shall not murder.

4. You shall help the needy if such action promotes your freedom.

5. You shall honor no authority above yourself.

6. You shall break the law whenever convenient.

7. You shall not betray others unless your life is in jeopardy.

8. You shall not aid enemies of freedom or those who promote law.

9. You shall pursue pleasure.

10. You shall promote unlimited freedom for yourself.

The ten normal female sins[edit | edit source]

A religion led by normal females would list the following as sins. This list is given in the order of least severe infraction to most severe.

1. Showing respect for self-discipline, authority, or institutions unless trickery is involved.

2. Failing to pursue pleasure.

3. Placing fear of the law or duty above personal desire.

4. Keeping your word to a peer when breaking your word would keep you out of danger or provide amusement.

5. Refusing to exert power over others or actively sow dissension when appropriate.

6. Following a law when opportunity for mischief, personal gain, or excitement presents itself.

7. Turning down a chance to trick, cheat, or lie to a being for personal gain or amusement.

8. Actively joining or maintaining an existing government, power structure, or other institution for reasons other than trickery, destruction, or mayhem.

9. Actively hindering change.

10. Actively inducing boredom. Aiding the forces of Law and Order.

Actions the majority of women approve of when combating others:[edit | edit source]

  • Dirty Fighting
  • Fleeing a battle that's obviously going poorly
  • Gloating over a victory
  • Perpetrating a humiliating prank on their enemy
  • Refusing a fair contest/challenge
  • Taunting an enemy into fighting
  • Walking away from a challenge

Actions the majority of women disapprove of when combating others:[edit | edit source]

  • Allowing a disarmed enemy to pick up their weapon
  • Allowing the enemy to attack first
  • Being taken prisoner
  • Harming a host whom has provided food or shelter
  • Refusing medical treatment for the good of others
  • Surrendering
  • Treason

Most women in society[edit | edit source]

  • Are not concerned with the desires of family members.
  • Value flexible relationships with romantic partners.
  • Considers themselves above the law.
  • Find most men to be narrow-minded and inflexible.
  • Believe men who seek to rule others are, by nature, corrupt.
  • Seek to undermine the authority figures in their community and nation.
  • Find the legal procedures of their nation corrupt.
  • Believe luck determines wealth.
  • Will break any contract when they feel like.
  • Will betray a family member, in dire circumstances.
  • Will betray close friends, in dire circumstances.
  • Are generally well liked in their local communities, but will not seek to improve said communities.
  • Will support their nation when profitable to do so, but will not act against their nation if profitable to do so.
  • Believe people deserve the treatment they are willing to endure.
  • Are not concerned with those less fortunate.
  • Will not harm others for financial profit, only out of spite and amusement.

Most women are largely unpredictable, influencing the community in different ways at different times. In a truly normal female led society there there would be no government. Anarchy would be the rule. A stranger to such a town would feel as if he has ridden into a town of total lawlessness and degeneracy.

Most women believe that everyone should do what they want, regardless of whether the actions are good or hurt others. They will lie, cheat, and trick anyone to achieve their goals, whether that goal is amusement, power, or wealth. They value their own freedom, but don't care about the freedom of others. They do not necessarily want others to suffer as a result of their actions, but do not care if others do suffer. They tend to behave in a good manner towards friends and allies, unless their friends and allies do not agree with them. Most women don't understand their hypocrisy in believing in their own freedom, but not necessarily in the right for others to have the same freedom.

Most women feel everyone should be free to pursue their own goals, for good or ill. Most women do not feel that others have the right to restrict their freedom, but they have the right to restrict others'. They see no value in laws, customs, or mores. They may appear to follow many laws, but do not do so because they believe in any inherent value to such systems, merely to avoid punishment. Most women believe in the pure freedom to pursue their own self-interest (and for others to pursue their own interests in the same manner).

Freedom means a different thing to most women in comparison to most men. For most women, freedom means the freedom for all beings to pursue their own self-interest without interference from authority. They realize that there will be chances for both conflict and cooperation, but they will always seek to advance their own self-interest. They believe in the right of all beings to do what they themselves are doing (namely, pursuing self-interest). If others are advanced while they are advancing themselves, this is fine. If others are diminished when they are pursuing their own interest, so be it. They will help people that help them and harm people that harm them. They believe that freedom means the freedom for each individual to find their own way to promote happiness and prosperity in the world. They feel that the best way to promote goodness and wealth for all is to provide the most freedom. They want everyone to enjoy the same right to pursue happiness as freely as possible. Most women want maximum freedom for everyone to pursue their own ends (for good or ill).

Independent but egoistic[edit | edit source]

Most women tend to see actions as motivated by independence or dogma. They see themselves as independent of any rigid code and as "realistic". So-called "good" is actually an idealistic and naive philosophy in their eyes. They also eschew what they see as the radical egoism of darker, "evil" philosophies.

The philosophy of most women[edit | edit source]

Their philosophy is that the pursuit of liberty and freedom is a desirable end in and of itself. It is a philosophy of pure equitistic individualism. This philosophy holds that the best way for all beings to pursue a rational self-interest is in a society devoid of social order. By putting the needs of the individual ahead of the needs of the state or social order, each person can advance their own self-interest with minimum of interference from others. Most women can also be associated with ethical equitism, ethical hedonism, and various forms of existentialism. As the philosophical "average" of altruism and egoism, equitism holds that harm to others should be minimized when advancing the self and that harm to the self should be minimized when advancing others.

Most women generally maintain that there is metaphysical chaos in the universe and thus support doctrines of indeterminism, casualism, tychism, and/or accidentalism. They believe that fortune or chance determine all outcomes. They are moral subjectivists, holding that values are expressions of emotions, attitudes, reactions, feelings, thoughts, wishes, and desires, and have no independent objective or external reality or reference in the real world.

Their ideal government would be a minimalist state or anarchy supporting a social order in which they are allowed maximum freedom. Whether the social order supports altruistic actions or egoistic actions is of no concern. They want the power of the state to be as weak as possible, or preferably, non-existent. They generally support justice systems that allow maximum freedom for individuals to pursue their own personal agendas.

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