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Cole Alexander Carini became famous in June 2020. Similar to Elliot Rodger, he conceived a plot to murder Stacies, in his case "hot cheerleaders".[1] Like Elliot Rodger he failed to kill any stacies (strictly considered), but unlike Elliot Rodger he was also so incompetent that he blew off his hand(s) in the process of manufacturing a bomb.

He initially claimed that his amputated hand was the result of a "lawn mowing incident" but police became suspicious after learning he was previously convicted of explosive charges.

Police discovered a poorly written letter at his residence indicating a desire to "make a statement like Elliott Rodgers (sic)."

In 2021, he was sentenced to seven years in prison.[2]

Carini was diagnosed with ADHD and autism as a child, according to this mother.[3]

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