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This guide aims to summarize the process of ascending from a blackpilled perspective. It is structured on the principles of LMS, which means Looks, Money and Status, the generally accepted theory of how female sexuality operates on the blackpilled incelosphere, especially incel forums that are relatives of 4chan's r9k board or It is a concept developed by a member of the former anti-pickup-artist community, Chinpoko, and further popularized by YouTuber 'FaceandLMS', where it is suggested that what matters in attracting women are mainly looks, money and status. LMS denies confidence, personality and game to be the most significant factors.

Looks[edit | edit source]

Multiple studies on face-to-face, online and blind dating concluded that among a variety of physical and personality traits, including extroversion, only physical attractiveness predicted initial romantic interest and strongly so.[1][2][3] One of these studies dates back to 1966,[3] so superficiality in face-to-face dating is unlikely a novel phenomenon.

Similarly, when OkCupid asked users to rate looks and personality separately, users did not distinguish between the two.[4] To confirm their hypothesis that pictures were what people were rating as good personality, OkCupid followed up with another internal study which showed that online bio text accounts for less than 10% of what users think of the profiles.[5] This means game in terms of witty and confident textual self-descriptions is also largely ineffective. Meeting online is notably now the primary way people meet for relationships,[6] however, this includes meeting up through social networks and chats, where personality may play a larger role than in the blind and semi-blind dating.

Benefits of being attractive[edit | edit source]

By being attractive, you'll have an easier time getting:

  • Dates/getting laid (provide sources)
  • A job where looks are relevant (modelling, acting or being a digital influencer, having youtube channels or instagram) (provide sources)
  • People socializing, starting and carrying conversations with you (provide sources)
  • People gravitating towards you, as well as having people rationalize anything you say or do as positive (provide sources)
  • A penalty reduction for being old/past your prime, especially if you still have sex appeal. (provide sources)
  • Forgiveness from people. (provide sources)
  • Less jail time in case you are arrested. (provide sources)
  • Positive feedback and a better overall life and opportunities. (provide sources)
  • Positive outlook about life and better chances at being neurotypical (provide sources)

Face[edit | edit source]

Face is arguably the most important factor in looks (citation needed) , as it is the body part used on profile pictures, be it important ones (resume, Linkedin) or on general social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, dating apps), and alongside height is the biggest social opener.

Measuring attractiveness, getting ratings and feedback[edit | edit source]

In order to take action, you must first attempt to measure your current level of facial attractiveness, from an unbiased perspective with honest opinions, take notes of it, and later enumerate your strengths and flaws. You can do the following:

1- Create a thread on's Ratings board ( with your pictures, front, profile, and full body.


3- Create a Tinder profile on an area with many users, a city with a huge population (provide a sample population size). Preferably use four pictures (pictures containing face, full body, at least one picture on casual environment). Then use this widget to calculate your attractiveness level based on match percentage (per 100 swipes):

4 - Use Omegle

5- Don't ask women in real life for opinions, and don't ask on Reddit for ratings. They are known for virtue signalling and sugarcoating, and not providing honest opinions, thus leaving some people in the dark.

After that, take notes on what made you be considered unattractrive.

- Post a list of surgeries accordingly to each body part and their average prices around the world, also mentioning the cheapest place in average pricing to get the surgery (and refer to the money guide of the article)

Possible interventions[edit | edit source]

Upper third[edit | edit source]

Problem Soft intervention / Softmaxing Hard intervention / Surgery
Bad hair density/ receding hairline Finasteride / minoxidil Hair transplant
Bad hair color hair dye
Natural high hairline/ oversized forehead hairline lowering / forehead reduction
Overly sloped forehead forehead implants/ bone cement
Forehead wrinkles Botox facelift
Sunken temples fillers fat transfer
Weak eyebrows castor oil/ latisse/ minox/ microblading eyebrow transplant
Ugly eyebrow shape styling/ Botox / browlift
Weak brow bones supraorbital implants
Narrow skull/ ugly cranium / subhuman occiput haircut/ covering up

Middle third[edit | edit source]

Problem Soft intervention / Softmaxing Hard intervention / Surgery
Ugly eye area Fillers Blepharoplasty / fat graft / Lower eyelid retraction
Ugly eye shape Almond eye surgery / Canthoplasty / Orbital decompression
Poor PFL
Poor IPD
Weak eye lashes Castor oil/ Latisse
Bad eye color Contacts
Hollow undereye area Fillers Fat transfer / implants
Ugly nose Rhinoplasty
Flat cheekbones Fillers Implants / ZSO
Recessed maxilla LeFort 1 osteotomy
Nasolabial folds Fillers Fat graft
Overall bad midface Lefort 1-2, 3.. Midface lift, high cut lf1

Lower third[edit | edit source]

Problem Soft intervention / Softmaxing Hard intervention / Surgery
Recessed jaw Implants/ Bimaxillary orthognathic surgery / BSSO / Chin wing (Genioplasty)
Narrow jaw Fillers Chin wing (Genioplasty) / Implants
Narrow palate/maxilla Face pulling Maxillary Skeletal Expansion (MSE)
Recessed chin Fillers Implants / Genioplasty
Round jaw / chin Fillers Implants
Pencil neck Neck training Implants
Neck wrinkles Neck lift
Narrow palate Palate expander
Ugly teeth Teeth whitening Orthodontist treatments
Small lips Fillers Lip lift
Bloated mouth area Buccal fat removal
Long philtrum Lip lift
Ugly facial hair Beard transplant

Overall[edit | edit source]

Problem Soft intervention / Softmaxing Hard intervention / Surgery
Acne Accutane
Big pores Chemical peel Laser
Skin aging Retin-A gel Facelift
Bad skin coloring Tan (Darken) / Skin bleaching (Whiten)
Small skull size
Fat face Losing weight / Dieting and exercising
Low SMV race / phenotype
Bad facial harmony in general

Voice[edit | edit source]

Body[edit | edit source]

Ideal bodytypes[edit | edit source]

- Mention what are the most desirable and physically attractive bodytypes

Dieting[edit | edit source]

- Provide dieting tips, mention that crash dieting is shit

Gymmaxing[edit | edit source]

- Provide tips on ideal bodyweight, how to calculate BMI and bodyfat etc

- Provide the average training routine to achieve ideal bodytypes that gives results as fast as possible with the least effort as possible

Lifting[edit | edit source]

Calisthenics[edit | edit source]

Possible interventions[edit | edit source]

Problem Soft intervention / Softmaxing Hard intervention / Surgery
Short height (manletism) Platform shoes / Height insoles Limb lenthening
High body fat Losing weight / Dieting and exercising
Narrow shoulders Gymmaxing (back and shoulder muscle development) Shoulder lengthening
Bad body proportions

Clothing[edit | edit source]

Money[edit | edit source]

Carreermaxing[edit | edit source]

Recommended fields[edit | edit source]

- Mention which fields are the easiest to get decent jobs, and which ones are the easiest to get higher salaries

Where to look for jobs[edit | edit source]

Building your CV[edit | edit source]

Studymaxing[edit | edit source]

Managing money[edit | edit source]

- Provide basic finance management tips

Trading[edit | edit source]

- Provide the basics on trading

Getting money online quickly and legally[edit | edit source]

- Provide (LEGAL) tips on how to get money quickly on online jobs

Status[edit | edit source]

- Provide tips on how to build a good reputation (also, a partial NTmaxing guide)

Building a good reputation[edit | edit source]

Arranged marriage[edit | edit source]

Neurotypicalmaxing[edit | edit source]

Lowinhibitionmaxing[edit | edit source]

Online dating[edit | edit source]

Talent / Skill maxing[edit | edit source]

Art/Design[edit | edit source]

Playing musical instruments[edit | edit source]

Cooking[edit | edit source]

Sports[edit | edit source]

Successful personality types[edit | edit source]

- Mention which personality type can land better opportunities at life and how can specific personality traits improve socialization endeavors



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