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This article is a Work In Progress, please do not hesitate to criticize me.

Why does wage stagnation happen in the 70s[1]? Or better yet, why is the world so messed up?[2]

  • Libertarians blame the de-pegging of the gold standard, causing inequality and inflationary policies
  • Nationalists blame migration and the hippie anti-war movement, claiming that soft policies makes people vulnerable
  • Socialists blame Reganomics and War on Drugs, that destroys people's livelihood and put innocent men in jail.

What is the Blackpill explanation for this? I propose

  • Title IX[3] (female education rights)
  • No-fault divorces[4]
  • Oral Contraception
  • Out-of-wedlock births

Female in the Labor Force is not the main cause[edit | edit source]

The Pill Enables Careerwomen to do what they want[edit | edit source]

The Pill Disrupts Advantageous Mating Systems[edit | edit source]

Labor Feminism messes with Mating, Reproduction & The Economy[edit | edit source]

No-Fault Divorce Laws are advantageous to Irresponsible Females[edit | edit source]

Male Fatherlessness Perpetuates Feminist Beliefs[edit | edit source]

Government Policy is Antithetical to its Intended Purpose[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]