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The Independent is a misandristric British newspaper that has had articles by Tim Squirrell, Marisa Bate,[1] and others, on the topic of incels.

Anyone with a pair of testicles between their legs is discouraged from visiting its website, buying its newspapers or having anything to do with it whatsoever. The reason behind this caution is that The independent has demonstrated over and over that it has manhating misandrists as members within its editorial board. If anyone doubts that misandry is rife within The Independent, it lets people who are clearly TERF's or radfems write opinion pieces for their newspaper. Check out for example the radfem Victoria Smith who believes that misandry is a myth[2]; or check out Tim Squirrell, a white knight who writes only what his radfem overlords over at the pinkwashed editorial board allow him to say, and subsequently describes MRA as scary dangerous people we should all shiver in fear about.

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