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Jytdog is another problem user[edit source]

Any time he's weighing in at WP:ANI, it's bad news. His usual strategy is to say, "Wow, you really fucked up. You better dig yourself out of this hole by apologizing while you still have the chance."

Then if you apologize, he says, "See, this guy even admits he fucked up. A penalty is warranted; maybe a topic ban." Or, if you don't admit that you fucked up, he says, "This guy is violating WP:IDHT; his error was even pointed out to him and he still doesn't see that he did anything wrong."

If you dissent from the party line, then to him, that means you have a COI. Etc., etc. The usual Wikipedia bureaucratic passive aggression. 2601:5CD:C000:21E3:B161:2B6C:3AAC:AA78 17:31, 4 October 2018 (UTC)