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Summary of ISAIF[edit source]

Industrial Society and its future TBD

Summary of TSNT[edit source]

The System's Neatest Trick

1. The System is autonomous from the instrumental authorities within it, and its goal is to harmonize everyone 2. Oppression (corruption and brutality) is the side effect of the instrumental authorities attempts at breaking out of the system 3. Servitude induces directionless rebellion, including those that are beneficial to regulate the instrumental authorities 4. The system co-opts rebels towards those that regulate the instrumental authorities, and away from those that can break the system

When applied to the Inceldom condition: 1. The system's goal is to make people reproduce and work, so they prefer feminism over "misogyny" 2. "Misogyny" is merely the side effect of male politician's personal beliefs that male dominance is healthier 3. Feminism is induced by hate towards politicians, which spurs second and third wave feminism 4. The system drives women away from anti-natalism and leftism (third wave), towards single motherhood (second wave)