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Proposition on catpill and Reverse catpill[edit source]

If dogs are often a symbolic representation of their desired mates, then it is safe to assume the "spinster" or Milkmired favortism towards cats as a symbolic representation of desire for reproduction, as historic fertility rate is about 5.7 children per mother[1] (even with an average 46% infant and child mortality rate[2]). To demonstrate this, one has to find the average pet adoption statics of single-person households over age of 35 to be approximately 3. TBD.

Fujoshi Typology & Necessity of Personality as Factors for Dating Success[edit source]

On the Stability Side: Dogs & Wolves are Agreeableness Dominant, Cats & Bunnies are Conscientiousness Dominant

On the Plasticity Side: Cats & Wolves are Openness Dominant, Dogs & Bunnies are Extraversion Dominant

Dogs are sportive collectivists (Ex & A), Cats are cultured individualists (O & C)

Bunnies and Wolves are secondary counters, with "moe" manipulative Bunnies being C & Ex, whilst delinquent reactionary Wolves being O & A.