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Criticism of the sub[edit source]

Despite this, many of its users appear to display symptoms of mental illness such as: detachment from reality, delusional thinking, obsessive compulsive disorder and body or facial dysmorphia. One thing to note about this subreddit is its innovation. Since evolution granted us the art of self-awareness, mankind have long pondered the key characteristics of beauty. Luckily, the creators of this subreddit have whittled down a prescriptive list of characteristics for objective beauty. Plato and Aristotle can finally rest in peace! This of course is founded on the basis of unquestionable and impenetrable scientific understandings, many of which originate from the seemingly undeniable research of those who populate the site itself. What does put the research in question however, is the common thread that links many of the trusted raters on the site: they cannot seem to spell or articulate themselves in a manner that doesn't derive from seeming like total rigamarole. That being said, we should definitely trust what they say!

As for those who regularly commit the spare time they have in their lives to rate strangers over the internet, I would separate them into two types of people: those who have the list of prescribed characteristics that give you higher marks, and then thumbs. For example, many male and female raters will display the cherry-picked characteristics that lead to a high level of what their idea of attractive is. This of course is to the detriment of people who are probably actually more attractive, but can't reach those higher points because they haven't managed to accrue points from having that list of characteristics, which is ostensibly objective. This allows certain people who are insecure, to feel good about themselves. It's like as if a group of people, who happen to wear green are gatekeeping the act of simply wearing green. The other group, thumbs, are people who look like literal thumbs who enjoy the opportunity to rate low of people on the internet to project their inherent lack of self-worth onto others who are fragile enough to post on here. As for your objective beauty, the world is more complex than that. As we continue our search for objectivity, many of us can rest easy at night knowing we may probably never find it. Beauty is something that does exist, but it exists in various forms that cannot be whittled down to a prescribed list. There is no way anyone can simultaneously exist happily and also use these subreddit - anon I.P edit from