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Wow- this Altmark guy is so retarded that he doesn't even realize that tricyclic drugs are a type of SRI drug. They are SNRIs, in particular. It's hilarious watching Altmark's chimp-like dominance-re-assertion behavior in the edit summaries after he was made aware of his own stupidity by the person who he was asserting dominance over. Thank gawd that such a neuropsychologically dysgenic specimen is an incel rather than a breeder. -upstanding reddit intellectual (

I'm going to put this talk page comment up as it is funny. Since you seem to lack to lack the ability to construct anything other than poorly written edits and tedious pedantry, I shouldn't dignify it with a response. But since readers may find this discussion interesting, here it is.
It is interesting that you wait two days to reply, presumably after a period of frantic Googling, to come up with what is basically a semantic "achtually they act as SNRIs" counterargument (not all do).
Predictable. If your understanding of medical science rose to the level of Wikipedia, you'd know this is irrelevant to this specific point of contention as they are older SNRIs that belong to a separate class of anti-depressant: I'm going to put this in simple terms; they work on other mechanisms than serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibition, so this is why they class them as a distinct category of drugs. It is also not clear which of these drugs can cause lingering symptoms, this thing is barely clarified beyond the fact that it appears SSRIs most commonly cause it, hence the name of the syndrome (why did you write SNRI anyway apart to feel clever, when in accordance with the limitations of your pedant mind, you could naturally say only SSRIs cause it because of the name). You are engaging in sophistry here as I presume you aren't so stupid you don't know what 'SNRI' in the modern sense means. So it was accurate to call the drugs that cause this limp-dick syndrome 'serotenergic' (which was the original point of contention). This limp dick syndrome has also been linked to alterations in neural transmitters such as dopamine that most newer class SNRIs don't act on like tricyclics, so that's relevant because increasing dopamine has been proposed as a treatment for it.
Newer SNRIs are also much more selective, so it would be more accurate to write "SSNRI".
But listing the different categories of drugs that are linked to this syndrome adds more clarity. It is possible this soi-disant 'syndrome' works in other ways than via the mechanism of serotonin, though that seems to be the main thing linked to it.
I do notice that in the semantic games you play, you do not counter any of my evidence or points but instead rely on petty arguments about the definitions of words (where you prove to be wrong, anyhow), which was the reason for my annoyance with your edits in the first place. Instead of admitting your ignorance, you criticise me for bluntly calling you on your nonsense, again showing what an effeminate dork you are (you writing like a 'valley girl' also adds more credence to my initial suspicion).
If you want to go on about eugenics, then I think we both know who the more 'dysgenic' specimen is here, despite your posturing. Altmark22 (talk)