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Relation to the 80-20 Rule and the Power Law[edit source]

Problem #1: Yes, there is a distribution for everything[edit source]

Problem #2: Bureaucracy Exists to feed the weak & incompetent[edit source]

Problem #3: There is no wat out of this[edit source]

1. If the company's top performers leave the company, the quality of the product goes down 2. If the quality of the product goes down, the company started laying people off 3. If the company started laying people off, the lowest performers could not go as they are lower costs 4. If the company is forced to choose to lay off certain people, higher performers will have to go

The only way to fix this is to first discover and fire low performers, and have vested interest in high performers

Application of this principle in Dating Apps[edit source]

Laci Green made a note about this in

Her claim is that dating apps are systematically made to drive women off and that men's quality will have to go down to compete ("stay toxic", PUA faire).

1. Looksmaxxed men enter dating apps and is "toxic" enough to draw in sex from some women 2. Desperate women are attracted to the platform, decreasing the average SMP (see "Where Have All The Good Men Gone") 3. Desperate women will reject Subfive men due to PUA rejection for Ego Preservation 4. Subfive men who saw this will attempt to replicate their success, join dating apps, and do the "numbers game" for social acceptance 5. "Normie women" are drove off the platform and will openly shame the App, decreasing the number of women in the SMP 6. Looksmaxxed men will "criticize" the app to reduce subfive competition and use this as a signal to attract "Normie women"

Problem with this line of logic:

  • Why would looksmaxxed men on the one hand criticize dating apps, and on the other, using it in the first place?
  • Are subfive men willing to listen to the parts where they realize dating apps are bad? Or are they desperate enough to use it and "be toxic"?
  • Are "Normie women" really more motivated by Long-Term Relationships rather than sex? If they pursue sex, would it make them more desperate?
  • Can Despreate women settle lower to break this cycle?