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On the main page about the decile scale it says that the truecel, or bottom level 1 tier incel is even better off than the level 2 tier because a level 1 tier is so hideous that they could on the very rare off chance have someone pity fuck them, while the level 2 tier won't elicit the same pity, in other words, the level 1 is so unrivalled in how pitiable they are that they could actually face a very unlikely chance of being pity fucked, unlike the level 2 incel. The problem here is that this article instead states that level 1 tier(truecel) would have never touched the opposite sex, as if they are less lucky than level 2 tier. One article on this site states that the truecel(level 1 tier) is more lucky than level 2, whilst another states that they are less lucky. We need to clarify this contradiction. I'm a level 2 decile incel btw.