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There are many subsets of the incelosphere. Estimated active membership in parentheses. These subsets include:
*'''Mancel, blackpill''': [[]], (collectively, tens of thousands, public)*'''Non-Englishor local communities''' (collectively, thousands of active users): Some of these include the
**'''[[French incelosphere|French]]''': [[]]
**'''[[German incelosphere|German]]''': [[Absolute Beginners]] forums
**'''Polish''': [[Spermawka]]
**'''UK''': [[ForeverAloneLondon]]
*'''Purplepill/non-ideological''': [[]], [[Facebook's Incelistan]], [[incelswithouthate]] (collectively, thousands)
*'''Middle-aged''': [[FA30plus]] is a community dedicated to incelibates who are a bit older. (dozens)
*'''Self-Improvement''': [[]], [[FAImprovement|r/FAImprovement]] (collectively, thousands)
*'''Female''': In the incelosphere, there are several female-oriented communities, these inclue: [[/r/ForeverAloneWomen]]. [[/r/trufemcels]] and many other femcel subreddits seemed to begin mostly as an [[astroturfing]] project by male incels, although they may be populated with more actual women nowadays. (thousands)
*'''Political parties''': [[Incel Party|]] is the first political party devoted to inceldom (no members atm)
*'''Middle-aged''': [[FA30plus]] is a community dedicated to incelibates who are a bit older. (dozens)
*'''Teens''': The subreddit [[Foreveraloneteens]] is geared toward teens. (less than 10, public)
*'''Q&A''': [[askanincel]] is a forum that mostly follows the Q&A format (dozens, public)
*'''Mancel, blackpill''': [[]], (collectively, tens of thousands, public)
*'''Low-tier normies''': [[R/Failed normies]] is for normies who go through inceldom (less than 100)
*'''Specific affliction''': Some boards focus on a very specific affliction, such as [[r/shortcels]] which focuses on short incels (less than 100)
*'''Private''': The subreddit [[ForeverUnwanted]] is closed to new members. (unknown, private)
*'''LGBT''': [[R/gaycel]], [[LGBTForeverAlone]] and [[R/TransgenderIncels]] are forums used by [[truecel]]s, incels and [[nearcel]]s who are [[LGBT]]. (collectively, hundreds)
*'''Improvement''': [[]], [[FAImprovement|r/FAImprovement]] (collectively, thousands)
*'''Love-shy''': [[Love-shy dot com|]]
*'''Purplepill/non-ideological''': [[]], [[Facebook's Incelistan]], [[incelswithouthate]] (collectively, thousands)
*'''Sexual-racism / ethnicels''': [[r/JustBeWhite]], [[r/melanincels]], [[R/HAPAS]] (thousands)
*'''Feminist''': [[Foreveralone]] (thousands)

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