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Additionally, the similar term "forced celibacy" has been used in ways nearly equivalent to the modern usage of the term "involuntary celibacy", most notably in Maximilien Misson's 1714 travelogue ''A New Voyage to Italy. With Curious Observations on several Other Countries'', where he talked of the relative freedoms English women had compared to Italian women at the time, who were described as being esconded away in their homes, to evade the depredations of "three quarters of the men living under the insupportable restraint of a forced celibacy, (who) would make a dreadful havoc of their neighbours property [...]"<ref></ref>
Some notable pre-internet people who were arguably incelibates include [[Ludwig van Beethoven]] who suffered serial rejection at the hands of women, [[Emily Dickinson]] who suffered from agoraphobia, [[Joseph Merrick]] aka the Elephant Man who suffered from severe face and body deformities, artist [[Van Gogh]] who was perpetually rejected and eventually pursued a [[relationship]] with a hooker, [[Van Gogh]]'s famous painter [[manlet]] friend [[Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec]] was severely mocked for being a [[manlet]] and eventually just chose to live in the brothel he frequented, [[Friedrich Nietzsche]] who was famously rebuffed by every woman he approached and was alleged to have died from syphilis contracted from a hooker,<ref></ref>[[G. H. Hardy]] a famous mathematician who couldn't bear looking at himself in the mirror and never held steady [[relationship]]s with women, bisexual actor [[Anthony Perkins]] who for most of his life had a pathological fear of women remaining a virgin (at least to women) at age 39, [[Ed Gein]] who Perkins had played in the movie Psycho was terrified of human contact and probably died a virgin, and English recording artist [[Nick Drake]] who suffered from extreme shyness of women<ref></ref> and in all likelihood died a virgin (according to most analyses). Famous folk-pop singer and pianist [[Daniel Johnston]] was also a well-known incelibate. He was diagnosed with severe schizophrenia, and his songs detail his life in and out of mental hospitals, and debilitating unrequited love for various women. He may be the only famous modern pop musician to be an incelibate.

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