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An incelphobe or incelphobiac is someone who exhibits incelphobia or types incelphobically. For more, see anti-incel, or femoid. The antithesis of the incelphobe is the incelophile.

Obfuscation[edit | edit source]

Among the most common traits of the incelphobe is promotion of inceldom-erasure or inceldom-invisibility. The incelphobe uses various tricks up their sleeve to ensure that public awareness about inceldom or its meaning remains obscure by the tactic of obfuscation around the definition of the word inceldom. Obfuscation is a form of gaslighting, and in the context of inceldom, involves the tendency to ignore, remove, falsify, or reexplain characteristics associated with involuntary celibates. The most flagrant example of obfuscation is the insistence that inceldom doesn't exist; that involuntary celibates are just imagining their loneliness and unintentional celibacy.

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