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No Pussy, No Work (often abbreviated to NPNW) is an online organization which describes itself as "a statement, a motto, a fact, an attitude, an idea, a lifestyle, a world view, a movement and a religion all at the same time". The premise of the movement is that men who are deprived of sexual intimacy, who make up an increasing percentage of the general male population, should protest the aforementioned injustice by dropping out of the workforce.

History[edit | edit source]

On September 7, 2022, a 4channer uploaded a post to the site acknowledging the fact that many men are deprived of pussy and yet are still expected to work, pay taxes, and contribute to society. The bottom of the post contained the statement: ">NO PUSSY NO WORK / >NO PUSSY NO TAXES / >NO PUSSY NO VACCINE / >NO PUSSY NO PEACE / Simple A-S". These four statements and "Simple A-S" would go on to become unofficial slogans of the movement.

The website was launched on March 21, 2023. It hosts information about the movement including a FAQ section, a meme gallery, and the movement's statement translated into various languages.

Theory[edit | edit source]

Because men have always made up the majority of the workforce, much of the world has come to depend on their labor and tax money in order to maintain its infrastructure. Many men, in addition to being exploited by corporations for meager wages, are starved of pussy, yet they still are expected to give what little money they have to oppressive governments. By encouraging pussy-deprived men to drop out of the workforce in droves, NPNW hopes to bring about a societal collapse from lack of labor or tax money.

In addition to the principle of refusing to work in order to avoid contributing to an unjust society, NPNW's website also lists individual occupations that pussy-starved men should avoid - mainly those that involve catering to sex havers. Examples include police officers, firefighters, and soldiers who often risk their lives to save sex havers, farmers who grow food that feeds sex havers, and pilots and bus drivers who provide transportation to sex havers.