Neo-intelligence theory

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The neo-intelligence theory answers a number of questions regarding intelligence and how it affects men in relationships, and is closely related to the 'incel-question'.

Overview[edit | edit source]

society is made to believe that high-intelligence in men is a net benefit in relationships and should assist those who seek love. however, the theory suggests that woman never choose a men that is smarter, or more sophisticated than them. because the woman in question wants to dominate the relationship, and dictate the pace. this is why so many woman go for brats,thugs,stoners,and generally speaking: losers. these relationship formed by design- and without human error.

where have all the good men gone?[edit | edit source]

we are made to believe that this is just a premium of hypergamy, however- this is the complete opposite of that. the challenge woman face in finding a partner, fronts them with a very important question- "will i be able to have stake in the relationship?". if the answer is no, they call it off.