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Jesselyn Cook is a Huffington Post reporter who has written several articles about incels. She seems to fail to fully understand that hate speech is protected speech under the law of the United States, and web hosting providers and site admins are not and cannot be law enforcement agencies, nor are they fully responsible for user generated content, especially if they cooperate with emails from law enforcement regarding illegal content.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Cook was the subject of a thread on a private pro-Trump Facebook community about whether she is sexually desirable. She wrote that she was "stunned" by the attention, but did not say she disliked it.[1]

Conchis remarks, with regard to Cook's Twitter background photo, "She knows she has fabulous tits. Her ass is kinda flat, but her tits defy belief. There is no better position for great tits than the side-boob shot. There is only one explanation for a chick with a fantastic rack who makes a side-boob shot her background pic. And it is not an innocent mistake."

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