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Name: Jacob Yerkes
Date of Birth: unknown
Occupation: Cracker Barrel employee (formerly)
Aspiring DJ
'Perserver' of Love at Alliance Insurance Company[1]
Doughboy at Little Caesars[1]
Ethnicity: White

Jacob "Jake" Yerkes is an incel from Loudon County, Tennessee.[2] Yerkes is most famous for filming himself explaining to two police officers how a woman that he was stalking had her father threaten him over the phone.

After garnering national attention, Yerkes was put under investigation by the FBI and the Terrorism Task Force. He would ultimately be arrested for aggravated stalking and harassment.[2]

Police Videos[edit | edit source]

The video begins with Yerkes describing to police how he spotted a woman whom he wanted go out with getting into her car near a local Cracker Barrel. He explains how he used to work with her there for about six-months. He also describes how he chased after her, playing loud music in an attempt to win her over. This unnamed former co-worker would go on to call her father, whom would call and threaten Yerkes for stalking his daughter. Jacob attempted to get charges pressed on her father, but the police refused.

During the video, Yerkes describes to the policemen how the woman did her best to get away from him. He details how be believed that women are crazy and that he felt that she wanted him to be chasing her. When the police officer said that he would have done the same thing (in regards to threatening Jacob), Yerkes tells the officers that he believes most women are into having "rape fantasies". After the police told Yerkes to leave her alone, he claimed that her father was controlling her and that she "needs to have her own free will", and that he has "needs" as a man that had to be fulfilled. When the police try to explain that she was showing signs of not wanting to be with him, Yerkes responded by telling them that he thinks that she should do porn. He complains that he felt that her decision was unjust because he would one day be a famous DJ.

At the end of the video, Yerkes got into his car and began to describe how when "women don't come to terms with themselves", bad things happen. He then reveals that this woman actually prefers other women, and that he was attempting to get her to become straight. He again reiterates his belief regarding the woman being under the control of her father. He would also add that he is becoming more depressed, before ending the video by giving shout-outs an unnamed group of friends.

Yerkes would eventually post a short video of him being confronted by another police officer at was is assumed to be his home. In the video, he describes how his motivations for continuing his unwanted advances included the song "Baby It's Cold Outside". After the police officer told Yerkes that he could settle his grievances in court, the video ends.

Social Media Presence[edit | edit source]

Twitter[edit | edit source]

Known as JacobYerkes2,[3] Yerkes would post about his own personal philosophies, which often included criticizing leftist individuals.[4] Yerkes would post some alarming images on his page, some of which supporting his aforementioned rape fantasies,[5] suggesting that society creates a "rape culture" and then blames men for it.[6] Yerkes' posts often seem cryptic due to lack of context and bad grammar in general. It should be noted that on this site, Jacob described how he identifies as a "Neitzsche Nacken",[7] a philosophy which was used by the Nazis to justify their atrocities.[8] Other than philosophies and politics, Jacob would also use Twitter to promote his music.[9] Another notable takeaway from his Twitter is particular dislike for the physically disabled.[10]

After Jacob's interaction with police went viral, Jacob continued to post until the eighth of November,the day of his arrest[11]. Twitter user themothershvp describes that Jacob was a completely different person four years prior to the event,[12] which has led both her and other users to theorize that Yerkes was suffering from a mental break.

YouTube[edit | edit source]

Jacob does not have a very substantial presence on YouTube, although he does leave a link to it on the bio section of his Twitter. Known as Jake the Knoxvillian Sentinal,[13] Yerkes has close to 900 subscribers. Posts on his Twitter would suggest that he used to post his original music here, which is now deleted. All that remains on Jacob's channel is a playlist titled "Realizing Sanity is Insanity", which contains two songs.

TikTok[edit | edit source]

After becoming viral, many people would locate videos of himself on TikTok[14] (where he is known as jacobyerkes), which outlined his abnormal sense of humor. One of these clips begins with him referencing "is mayonnaise and instrument" joke from the SpongeBob series, which was followed by him mixing mayonnaise in a jar, telling himself to go faster. Another notable attempt at comedy was a video where he role-played as a child and a father. In the video, the child would ask his father random questions, such as "why are rocks hard", until eventually the father character began shaking his face and making weird noises (which is most likely meant to portray him going crazy).

Facebook[edit | edit source]

Although his Facebook is now deleted, a screenshot preserved before its deletion revealed that he worked as a "Preserver (spelled Perserver) of Love at Alliance Insurance Company" and a Doughboy at Little Caesars. It was also revealed that he studied at "Farragut High School".[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It should be noted that despite telling officers that he was two years younger than the woman described in the video, he would later note that he is apparently older than her father. The older than her father comment could be in reference to his thinking of women, lesbian women, and fathers controlling daughters, not his actual age.
  • Twitter user DerTop1a discovered that a photo of a protestor from the January 6th riots heavily resembles Jacob.[15]

References[edit | edit source]