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As of 2019, the government is allegedly engaged in containing or minimizing the potential effects of the incel crisis, or actively trying to solve the crisis itself. in order to make this theory viable, we must assume that the incel crisis is a real problem. according to modern research in demographics & fertility, human population is expected to grow by 1 billion in 50 years from now. however these numbers might be unreliable since its hard to project future fertility by examining past trends, current trends show that human population is expected to decrease all across the board, and it might bear devastating consequences for governments and individuals.

Contingency Plans[edit | edit source]

Economics: The American Homeowners Association alerted the public about an upcoming market crash because of several reasons. the first, is that couples are necessary for building families and families buy homes. to prevent this from happening the government (or the federal reserve) might temporary 'help' the banks that are involved in the mortgage business. also a new concept of 'tiny-homes' is becoming popular due to the increased cost of housing, this might allow celibates to become homeowners in the years to come.

Population: The government is expanding its visa programs all across the board, encouraging skilled workers to come and participate in the native economy. in addition to this, many politicians are opposing the new border policies set by the trump administration, with a concern that it might 'damage the economy'. however the real reason behind this opposition is to replace the native population, that is clearly failing to maintain the basic replacement rate.

Terrorism/violence: The government might be engaged in violence reduction all across the board. they want to keep involuntary-celibates atomized as part of their violence reduction plan. is it known for a fact that law enforcement agencies are monitoring incel related websites. it might be possible that those efforts are futile since most violent incels are rouge.

Incentive's: The government might bargain with incels at some point, because they are projected to be the biggest population group in the future. this might include different tax plans, discounts and communicating with an incel-led political party.

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