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Why do incels complain now about inceldom now and not as much as in the past? This overlaps with the question of 'why do incels act out more now?'. Although, I want to avoid heading in that thought-direction of thought as I don't advocate violence etc..

The normie response[edit | edit source]

There is a dominant and false feminist narrative that goes like this:

The rise in incel complaints is due to women gaining more purchase as financially and socially independent people. The days of needing a man, any man, to live any kind of decent life are long gone, leaving women to marry (in most cases) only if a man can prove his worth as a friend, lover and asset in her life.

Men always had the shit-stick in dating[edit | edit source]

This normie narrative is wrong and men always had the shit-stick in dating. Men still had to prove their worth in every patriarchy. This is touted by tradcons as sexual sublimination, as part of socialization, chivalry, and 'manning up'. In other words, feminists are looking at tradconism now and start thinking it's this great new invention. Now, it sucked then and it still sucks now.

So yes, men always had to prove their "worth". In medieval times if you were ostracized you joined the 20% of people dying on the streets. In the 19th century, if your dad cockblocked you, you joined the 70% of men under 25 who weren't married and probably weren't having sex. Incels became more vocal with 4chan culture and other not because inceldom is new, (in fact during patriarchy it was arguably worse).

So why do incels complain?[edit | edit source]

Incels became more vocal because of

The increase in misandry[edit | edit source]

This is arguably seen most vividly during the 4th-wave feminist movement during the Obama years, when misandry was proclaimed to be mainstream. During the previous waves, it was not necessarily mainstream. Inceldom also experienced it's greatest uptick during this general time. It's easier not to complain about something when everyone is not rubbing it in your face.

The commodification of sex[edit | edit source]

Sex IS commodified, it's not about incels misframing it. This happened as soon as agriculture was invented and men started hoarding the means of production. Before, if you were a sexual loser, you were because you got wrestled and killed to death, not because you didn't amass resources.

The theoretical availability of safe and non-reproductive sex.[edit | edit source]

In past civilization, sex was very dangerous and you wouldn't really want to engage in it if you didn't want to spread your genes. Now theoretically it's not dangerous, so there should in theory be no safety reason for barrier-of-access, making it in theory seem like something that doesn't need to be guarded.

Lack of effective dating avenues[edit | edit source]

In a society which still (rightly) holds sex to be very meaningful and desirable, society now gives no men any societally sanctioned avenues to achieving it. Explicit prostitution is banned and housing (where one could theoretically have sex) is prohibitively extremely expensive while sex is enforced by law as to be done only in private.