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ELoTRiX is a German gaming content Creator, and probably LARPs about having had intense sexual contact with women in his old videos.[1]

Life[edit | edit source]

He was born and raised in Ulm, Germany. After school, he did an apprenticeship in handcraft-related work fields. Due to making off a living through YouTube, he stopped working and became a full-time content creator.

He's approximately between 175cm (5' 9") and 180cm (5' 11") although he claimed to be 187 cm (6' 2") tall.

He claims to have a 20,5 cm (8 inches) long penis; no evidence except confirmating statements from Montanablack88 is public.

YouTube[edit | edit source]

In 2012, he created his YouTube channel and started doing commentary videos mainly playing Call of Duty. After doing a video ranting about Modern Warfare 3, he got viral.[2] His videos basically consisted of talking about life in general and women/sex. He also gave a lot of "tips and tricks" on how to deal with women, and how to have good sex.

In August 2014, he showed himself the first time.[3] After showing himself, people became suspicious whether or not his stories are real considering his looks, so they came up with the term "Real-Life-Story-Generator", indicating that he randomly generates his stories in his head.

Alleged sex stories[edit | edit source]

  • Within one day, he has fucked a woman 9-10 times.[4]
  • Within one day and night, he fucked 9 different women. Allegedly, the women he fucked screamed "fuck me" lying down.[5]
  • Once, he fucked a milf into unconsciousness.[6]
  • ...

Often, when talking about his sex stories, the women he describes are absolutely gorgeous.

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