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Cumskin is a failed attempt at birthing a new pejorative term, used to refer to those with paler skintones.

It was created by ethnicels as a response to the term shitskin who are angry about the JBW effect and scratching about desperately for an equivalent, and failing.

2017 examples[edit | edit source]

2018 examples[edit | edit source]

  • Jan 1 by rickvanderhammer: "lmao indians are the original ayans cumskin, we will be a superpower in the next 20-30 years while your countries succumb to feminism and jewish plots to exterminate your cucked race"
  • Jan 19 by dropbox "cumskin cracker."
  • Jan 27 by SoyUnPerdedor "higher T than you cumskin soyboys"
  • Nov 8 by Solitarian_Walker "Cumskin isn't an insult that exists. Shitskins would love to be white."
  • Nov 28 by SLAVICMorPheus "If you're a cumskin then what's stopping you. Pick the ugliest one and go for her."
  • Nov 30 by SchrodingersDick "I like cumskin better" in response to mayo on mayocel thread
  • Dec 5 randomguy1235 " Dumb fucking cumskin thought the shitskin clerk was Middle Eastern"
  • Dec 9 by RREEEEEEEEE "Black gentlemen PWN cumskin.*"
  • Dec 12 by BlackpilledAF: Whitecel is volcel. "Just go to asia and walk in the street parading your cumskin to the noodlewhores" theory proven.

2019 examples[edit | edit source]

  • Jan 6 by SLAVICMorPheus, again "You're not an incel. You just need a trip tl Thailand. For a cumskin to be incel he has to be very convincingly ugly."

Etymology[edit | edit source]

It is basically extremely low-IQ/cucked/misandric to equate "cum" with "shit", since male ejaculate is a living life-creating substance just like the eggs produced by women's ovaries, able to create babies. It also contains chemicals to help pair-bond women to men forming stable and loving relationships.

The choice to use this substitute might stem from one or more causes:

  1. hating their own maleness
  2. seeing sex in negative rather than positive terms

In either case, viewing cum only as a waste product like piss/shit and not respecting it's role in helping the human species to persevere.

A 3rd motivation could be implied homosexual overtones when directed at males, implying they are letting other males ejaculate upon them, even though the term "shitskin" was never meant to convey that blacks were literally being covered in feces.

Failing[edit | edit source]

A conspicuous place where this analogy fails is that derived from the slang shitskin is the term "shitted" used deprecatingly in pornography to refer to how a white woman being penetrated by a black penis looks like she is being penetrated by a turd: example.

The equivalent for "cumskin" would be "cummed" which would refer to be a woman being penetrated by a white penis looks like she is being penetrated by what, cum? That doesn't denigrate her at all, cum in a vagina is by definition what sex IS.

Alternatives[edit | edit source]

English alternatives[edit | edit source]

A more logical term describing a white substance which is a waste product would be "pus", which is the waste product of dead white blood cells after fighting an infection.

"Pusskin" doesn't look good, so a substitute for "skin" is needed:

  • flesh is also 1 syllable, but is an extra letter, so we can do better:
    • DERM is perfect, as it is an existing synonym of dermis, and also four letters.

So ethnicels should basically switch to using "pusderm" instead of "cumskin" if they don't want to sound like complete faggots with bukakke on the brain.

Other[edit | edit source]

Although "pussed" still can't quite compete with "shitted" as an insult (for one thing, it can be confusing since "pussy" is an existing analogy for vagina) it's at least a step in the right direction away from "cummed" since a vagina full of pus is infected with bacteria, similar to a vagina full of shit.

The "pussed v pussy" problem could be reasons to search in other languages for monosyllabic synonyms for pus. Possibilities include:

  • Chinese:
    • Cantonese: nung
    • Mandarin: nóng
  • Galician: brum
  • Irish: braon
  • Konkani: pū
    • (this one is probably a bad idea for IRL spoken transfer as it's a homonym for "poo" and would generate confusion, works best when written)
  • Kurdish: nêm
  • Latin: pūs
    • pronounced "puus"
  • Macedonian: гној
    • pronounced "gnoj" like the Russian term below, like Slavic
  • Navajo: xis
    • this is pronounced like "his" and could cause some confusion due to being a male term
    • like Slovak "hnis" below, uses same vowel sound as "skin" for similar sounds
    • unfortunately like "pus" since it ends in an S it pressures substituting "skin" which means avoiding the "i" vowel sound in both syllables anyway
  • Nepali: pīp
  • Norwegian: verk
  • Proto-Italic: puos
  • Proto-Slavic: gnojь
  • Russian: гной
    • pronounced "gnoj" like Macodonian term above, like Slavic
  • Serbo-Croatian:
    • Cyrillic: гно̑ј
    • Roman: gnȏj
  • Slovak and Slovene: hnis
    • like Navajo has "shares i" benefit but "ends in S" drawback
  • Swedish: var
  • Tajik: чирк
  • pronounced čirk
  • Thai: หนอง
    • pronounced nɔ̌ɔng
  • Tibetan: རྣག
    • pronounced "rnag"
  • Ukrainian: гній
    • pronounced "hnij"
  • Vietnamese: mủ
  • Welsh: crawn
  • Westrobothnian: wog

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