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Her Youtube channel avatar (an actress playing Valerie Solanas)

Babyradfem_tv has been the most popular radfem Youtube channel for years. The creator does not show her face, but makes well-researched clip extracts to show her various political stances. Her avatar is a representation of Valerie Solanas (Valerie being a pro-violence feminist and attempted murderer of a male celebrity).

Political Opinions[edit | edit source]

Political opinions of babyradfemtv include: gender abolitionism, LG without the BT, trans-intersectionality as mysogynistic and patriarchal, radical female separatism (the "let's become lesbians" trope, but real), anti-sex-trafficking, conspiracy theories about RFID chips, anti-men-explaining-obvious-things, explicit pro-misandry, mild admiration of Valerie Solanas , anti-pornography, anti-strip-clubs, anti-hetero-marriage, standpoint feminism, anti-prostitution, anti-men (just in general, "men are the problem"), anti-sexual-assualt, pro-Stalinism [1], anti-Johns (again, anti-men-in-general) etc.

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