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The Atomic Blackpill is an infamous tinder experiment conducted by RippedRichAndIncel during the /r/incels golden age. The results of this experiment demonstrated that an exceptionally handsome man can be an admitted child rapist and still have women flocking to him.[1] Many other incels have replicated this experiment with varying levels of success.

This is a practice which is known as chadfishing, using pictures of a chad or a not well-known good looking guy as a profile picture to see how many matches you could get if you were that good looking person. A subreddit by the name of /r/chadfish dedicated to this practice became popular but was banned soon after becoming popular.[2]

The science of Tinder experiments became so widespread that incels around the globe found out that women only cared if a man is a muscular jock. Various media outlets such as a popular Israeli newspaper reposted the experiments.[3] This flew in the face of decades of gynocentric indoctrination, which taught men that women are less shallow than men and need to be stingier with sex to properly evaluate men's character. Women have commonly claimed to have an overwhelming fear of being the victim of violence perpetrated by strange males.

Many other amusing experiments have been conducted demonstrating that Chad can be an open neo-nazi, an ex-ISIS terrorist, a North Korean agent, a proud domestic violence perpetrator and use extremely abusive language (e.g., by employing harsh racial insults towards non-white women he matches with) and still have many women thirsty for sex with him.

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