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Gundul was a male orangutang incel who eventually ascended with a human woman during the 1990s.

Linda Spalding:

The most astonishing incident resulting from the aggressive tendencies of Galdikas's ex-captive orangutans took place when an ex-captive male named Gundul attacked a Dayak woman who was working as a cook at Camp Leakey. In Reflections of Eden, Galdikas describes how she tried in vain to pull Gundul away.

Biruté Galdikas:

I began to realize that Gundul did not intend to harm the cook, but had something else in mind.
The cook stopped struggling.
'It's all right,' she murmured.
She lay back in my arms, with Gundul on top of her.
Gundul was very calm and deliberate.
He raped the cook.
As he moved rhythmically back and forth, his eyes rolled upward to the heavens.

Aside from "Reflections of Eden" this was also described in "The Dark Side of Man" and "Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Male Violence".

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