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There are many songs with inceldom as a theme, such as:

  • Akon, lonely
  • Skee-lo, I wish


There are also songs that enter redpilled/blackpiled territory, such as "Bullet from a Gun" by Skepta. The chorus in this Skepta song goes as follows "Like a bullet from a gun it burns; When you realize she was never your girl, It was just your turn." It seems clear that Skepta is highlighting a theme that is common in both the redpilled and blackpilled communities; i.e. that the current dating scene is tragic and that commitment or loyalty seems to be waning nowadays. The music video of this song supports that this was the message of Skepta's lyrics when a coup;e enter Camden underground station, and then part ways, only for another guy to get her number and flirt on the train platform once her partner is out of sight. The fact that one of the greatest grime artists in UK history is voicing such opinions in his lyrics seems to suggest that the blackpill and redpill are approaching mainstream territory.

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