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Incel futurism is a solution to inceldom proposed by an anonymous person named CaptCaveman. He proposed genetically engineering a race of women called 'Evangeline', that are for reproducing with incels, causing less incels in the future, and propagating the species. Various people found it thought provoking.

Proposition[edit | edit source]

The natural phenomena of inceldom is simply that some individuals in a species are selected against, either from birth or at some point in life, to be re-productively inferior and preferentially disqualified. Many species naturally have sterile drones and clear herd mechanics which result in selective mating pressure resulting in clear winners and losers reproductive wise.However, it is only to humans that the term "incel" is properly applied, as blackpill research leads us to conclude that inceldom in humans is biologically unnatural in many if not all cases. Among humans, the individual organism is only in rare cases missing certain capabilities, capabilities intrinsic to the abilities making us unique and different among all life, which ordinarily allow us to overcome some degree of adversity and achieve parity without it disadvantaging the species survival, and in many cases, enhancing it. Incels exist in the mating parity of modern males and female courtship which has evolved both in biological instincts and cultural/economic pressure to favor creating strategies which result in artificial mating pressures disadvantageous for the long-term advancement of the species, but favorable for the individual organism in the short term. In the most recent era, severe pressures due to an abundance of available males and a drastic reduction in the survival requirements of the average female has resulted in female mating strategy achieving absurdly disproportionate up-mating success and an alarmingly high range of males going all the way up to some males with better than average reproductive values becoming incels.

The underpinning of the current epidemic remains the instinctual epigenome evolved over the past few thousand years or so in female reproductive strategy, which does not appear likely to change as long as it remains successful. The scientific blackpill documents many mechanisms which collectively contribute selection against good/intelligent partners and ultimately homogenizing factors that will result in evolutionary stasis. This means that over the course of 20,000 years, from the present time, humankind might not evolve at all, as long as current mating strategies are employed, and in fact might see evolutionary decline.

Either evolutionary decline or evolutionary progress might result in the emergence of survival-pressure induced epigenetic changes and reproductive strategies which make inceldom much more rare or practically non-existent. Many philosophical, cultural, and economical solutions have been proposed that end inceldom for a time, but none of them are guaranteed to achieve permanent, mutually beneficial, evolution-beneficial changes in the reproductive mating strategy of h. sapiens. And it may also be tested in some cases that the traits which are most common to inceldom are genetically paired with detrimental genetic flotsam, and so nothing outside of changing the organism itself can be conclusively determined to benefit the species and end inceldom for all time- if it doesn't benefit the species, the species ends and another species where inceldom exists emerges. So the organism must be changed.

The organism in question is most recent common ancestor or mitochondrial Eve. Eve, in both mitochondria and X chromosome, exists in a diverse number of genetic configurations which all adopt the same behavioral patterns and all are prone to the same characteristics. But she represents a potent source of genetic material with which incels are biologically compatible. The solution requires eliminating the genetic detritus, eliminating less advantageous mutations, grafting in beneficial and unique genetic traits and abilities as regards reproduction in order to produce a more ideal humanoid, and then reproducing with it to create a hybrid species which will out-compete, out-live, and eventually render extinct all extant lines of mitochondrial eve, just as the human race did to the neanderthals.

Our ideal humanoid is code-named Evangeline.

Unlike eve, Evangeline is a genetically improved being optimized for a specific set of capabilities and possessing ALL advantageous traits, which she will confer on her offspring. She has no recessive genes, no methylation defects- all of her dna is working, even where the scientists must add dna. A complete breakdown of the changes made to her genome is located in a table below. Specifically different from any eve, however, Evangeline's instinctual epigenome and genetic structure regarding how her brain develops and her instincts function are modified to create a hybridized behavioral pattern that collects traits from other simian species where the problem of inceldom is solved via complex social mechanics and female behaviors. These behaviors and social mechanics would then be grafted in some modified form into the society where Evangeline organisms are born into to create a future society.

Multiple Evangeline organisms, each with differing genetics but sharing all the good mutations, most genetics regarding appearance (except for some variation with regards to build, facial appearance, hair, eye, and lip color(so as to achieve a measure of healthy diversity and pleasing variation within an otherwise mostly homogenous and mostly Caucasoid organism)), after being produced, raised by incels, reproduced with by incels, then provide for a healthy and diverse population with a very good chance of becoming the dominant organism, as long as existing eve organisms are unable to pass down certain traits into eve's descent. The advantages of Evangeline extended to the general population, more people will order evangeline organisms. This could also lead to a related organism called Steve, which is a genetically superior male for propagating the species who has all the benefits of Evangeline and very similar to her in most respects but also has a optimized Y chromosome added to it. Not that the Y chromosome is considered important to the incel project, but in a long term scenario the y chromosome continually gets smaller and sometimes the SRY gene is copied over to other genes, at least in other simian organisms. Enhancing sex determination genes would have the added benefit of drastically reducing the incident rate of intersex or reproductive damaged individuals, also reducing the number of incels in the future beyond the limits promised by social and instinctual engineering.

Certain mutations will require additional research done to discover mechanisms that can be added to the DNA to ensure the beneficial, better mutations, especially as regards behavior, are always inherited, even when reproducing with steve or eve, and additional research into how other organisms preserve genetic integrity even in situations of extreme inbreeding depression, such as in ants, could result in an organism which is genetically and mitochondrially immune to the consequences of inbreeding and could function in a society where no inbreeding taboos exist and inbred populations exist without any health issues, thus also preventing the negative ramifications of future, inevitable genetic depression within any population that survives future disasters, further protecting the beneficial dna which eliminates inceldom from ever leaving the gene pool or being inactivated.

In the long term future, when humans explore the stars, they will need greater intelligence and protection against the elements in addition to mental health enhancement. These should be incorporated into the species as a whole to eliminate the creation of clones which serve without having ordinary rights(which might re-introduce the incel issue as a civilization level problem due to economics outside of human reproductive strategy). Evangeline would need to not just live on earth, but for the rest of time where humans exist.

Table of intended beneficial changes:

  • Immune to most known infections with STD immunity and an enhanced immune system, especially for fetal risks
  • Free of most known genetic diseases and protected against all known genetic risk factors and immune to most cancers.
  • genetics that increase empathy and resistance to depression and loneliness and decrease potential for personality disorders
  • Exceptionally high social, verbal, spacial, emotional, empathetic IQ with enhanced hearing, tetra-chromatic vision, and superb common sense.
  • Enhanced reflexes, regenerative from injuries rate, and survival/mortality from various risks like sleep and starvation.
  • Enhanced loyalty to family, loved ones, diminished hyper-sexuality, eliminated reproductive preference for variety of  individuals listed on blackpill page
  • strengthened moral fibers, resistance to a variety of ((instinctual tricks)),
  • Genetic defense factors including enhanced teleromes, superior mitochondria for propagating the species,
  • added transgenic traits for inbreeding depression resistance, double strand break resistance, cold protection, radiation protection, mutation protection
  • Add back into genome beneficial traits and mutations since lost or present in other animals such as vitamin synthesis
  • trans-genetic material that results in instinctual preferences and social behaviors copied from other species
  • complete and total immunity to schizophrenia and mental illnesses of any kind
  • enhanced sexual drive and desire, elevated levels of hormones associated with desire to reproduce
  • average estrogen and testosterone protected against mutations which might cause it to elevate or decline
  • in males, immune to male pattern balding, in females, immune to female pattern hair loss
  • optimized body size, limb size, genital shape and size
  • optimized lips, ears, nose shape
  • optimized feet, hands, etc. The list could go on to micro-traits considered important by plastic surgeons and looks-max experts.
  • Facial traits - diverse selection of feature proportions within attractiveness levels considered higher than normal,
  • eyes blue, grey, green, purple, or possibly red,hair blond, red, black, or possibly green or blue naturally.
  • enhanced mutations which protect against health issues in low gravity and which help survival in high gravity
  • mutations which allow both for enhanced lung capacity(from diving peoples) and less issues from reduced oxygen levels(from Tibetans).
  • (add more beneficial traits in here)