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Zyros is a ex-incel from spain known for posting over 100 pictures and 2 videos of himself across the whole entire manosphere, namely Lookism.net and incels.co. Known for his niche-based gothic/vampire look and narrow shoulders ( mocked for his narrow shoulders a lot aswell), he racked up a name for himself and became a sort of figurehead in some manosphere communities; and he also is known as a mini-celebrity of sorts, known for his strong-identified nature with the blackpill and lookism. Often sharing his experiences with the blackpill and how his appearance dramatically made changes in his life going from full-on incel-tier to above average facial attractiveness, he sought out the manosphere and PSL areas of the internet around age 26-27.

PSL RATING[edit | edit source]

Zyro has a PSL rating of 5.5-6 in motion; 7 in cherrypicks/stills; self-rating of 5-5.5; and IRL of rating: 6-7.5


Where is Zyros now?[edit | edit source]

Though Zyros has been banned off incels.co and is not active on lookism.net since around 2018. He has been found (by lookism user Bingerino) somewhere in begin February 2019 to be posting his pictures on another platform. He posted his pictures on a PSL subreddit named r/truerateme, on his username ¨Zyros¨.