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William Lupinacci
By including people on this wiki we are not necessarily implying they are incel or are in any way associated with incels.
Name: William Lupinacci
Date of Birth: April 15, 1991
Occupation: left wing activist
Ethnicity: mostly Irish

William is a retarded, non-violent, love-shy, failed normie, incel, Christocel who has severe acne scarring. He is a Youtube vlogger and main creator of Facebook's Incelistan and Incelistan.net and has worked with the media on docs on incels.

He is against suicide, pedophilia, rape, and homicide and joined the incel communities to be a non-violent, moderating influence to extremist types. In 2018, he hired a criminal researcher: Sarah Bloom to be a moderator on one of his forums.

Personal Life[edit]

He is rated 4/10 PSL. He could not get any women when he was young and he was made to be physically dependent on legal drugs prescribed by psychiatrists meant to decrease his fear around women. His nervous system is completely fried from years of benzo withdrawal and he generally can't do anything anymore. William has only ever had sex during a vacation to legal brothels in Nevada and has only kissed a woman once outside of a brothel.

William started a satire PUA series in November 2018. He is a proponent of Abs theory.


William (unsuccessfully) attempted to revise the Wikipedia incel article to be more balanced and fair, but he was topic-banned by the community after he complained about GorillaWarfare and others at the Administrators' Noticeboard.

He was globally banned from all Wikimedia projects on 6 March 2019 on the same day that a series of suspected ban evasion alts of a seperate right-wing incel.


Starting a Fat Pride Movement for Incels[edit]

Deplatforming violent anti-incels[edit]

In 2019, William and Master publicly outed violent posts on anti-incel forums, leading to 2 of the three largest non-anonymous anti-incel groups to be banned from the internet by Facebook.[1][2][3][4][5]

Interviews and Appearances[edit]

  • Fermenting Opinions Podcast 5/9/18 [1]
  • Fermenting Opinions Podcast S02E009 [2]
  • Women Against Feminism Speaks to an Incel [3]
  • Dr. Nerdlove [4]
  • Mako Online Magazine under a pseudonym [5]
  • Gaystarnews.com [6]

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