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Name: Whitegirl333
Date of Birth: ?
Occupation: NEET?
Ethnicity: white (clearly)

Whitegirl333 is a heavily autistic female, straight Youtube vlogger who has made a number of vlogs detailing her extreme frustration about not having a boyfriend, including complaining to her parents about it, yelling about it, and kicking things. She seems to be fascinated with Elliot Rodger and Eggman. Incel Wiki hopes she never does anything violent and apparently authorities are aware of her public outbursts and vlogs. She is also known as southy on EFnet.

She appears to suffer from past trauma from the EFNet chatter Jigsaw who visited her in person and may have taken advantage of her sexually.

Standardcel[edit | edit source]

Whitegirl333 is a standardcel, like most women. She self-identifies with the term incel, yet some claim she is not.

Explanation of agression[edit | edit source]

Whitegirl333s explicit aggression is unusual for her gender. Although there is an explanation she gives, mainly from unusually high levels of testosterone from Poly-cystic Overy Syndrome, as well as a negative reaction to psychiatric drugging.

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