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Tahilia (nicknamed online as "Vashta") was an alleged femcel and a youtube vlogger.

A sixteen-year-old self-sabotaging loser


Tahilia is a teenager from australia, she started vlogging around 2018. her content was mostly about R9k and incels.

Tripfagging & /R9K/[edit]

R9k is a forum on 4chan where a bunch of weirdos and NEETS get together to chat and shitpost. at one point her orbiters started to bash and attack her,in one of her recent vlogs- tahilia said she regrets posting on r9k. and she made another video encouraging other girls to get off R9K to avoid further abuse. apparently tahilia got together with one of her online orbiters (cheesecake) and they kissed. her rise to fame on youtube is related to an emotional video she made about lookism and discrimination.

Taking the Whitepill & The End[edit]

In one of her recent vlogs, tahilia said that is she embraced the Whitepill because she believes that the Blackpill is harmful. on late 2018, Tahilia deleted her youtube channel, and stopped posting on R9K altogether.

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