Slavic women-ethnic men phenomenon

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It is a commonly stated observation that eastern european/slavic girls are more open to dating ethnic guys than are anglo-saxon girls.

The reason slavic girls are this way has to do with the ottoman conquests of eastern europe. Ottomans conquered much of eastern europe, and in the process they raped many slavic girls. The girls who found their ottoman rapists attractive would have had high fertility during the rape, hence they were more likely to bear children as a result of the rape. And their daughters would inherit the genes that made them attracted to middle eastern males.

You may be wondering if there is ottoman genetic influence on slavs, then why aren't slavs darker than other Europeans? The answer is that not all phenotypes have an equal chance of being passed on. Middle eastern skin color genes are recessive compared to european skin color genes. This is why Ashkenazi Jews, who have european admixture, look white even though their tribe was originally dark skinned. Similarly, if you look at the mixed children of arab and white couples, they usually look white. But even if skin color is not passed on, it is possible that other genes do get passed on.

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