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A deadbedroomer is someone who is in a sexless marriage. Deadbedroomers are a subset of nearcels or quasicels. The word is a metonym that metaphorically describes the state of sexlessness in marriages. The synonym marcel is also sometimes used, which is a blend of the words "married" and "incelibacy".

Causes[edit | edit source]

Sexual activity in married couples is nearly always bottlenecked by the wive due to women having an overall lower sex drive and the wives losing their sex drives much sooner than the husbands, with there evidence being this is especially the case when cohabiting rather than living apart and when the man isn't the main breadwinner (by proxy of having higher education status).[1] Different from women, men face a higher chance of remaining sexless when they provide less than 20% of the household income (aOR = 2.27, however only at p <.05).[2]

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